Wow, is it really a zoo out there?

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Is it a jungle out there? Lol Seriously. As I read through the posts on this board, I can't help but get nervous about working in a hospital.

It's not so bad really, here we are discharging a satisfied patient from our stepdown unit.


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Wow! That's the worst case of Hirsutism I've seen in a long while!

diane227, LPN, RN

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It really depends on where you work. Any type of unit can be fun or a nightmare depending on the people you work with and the management of the unit. I have worked in places where we got an absolute beating on every shift that we worked but we loved working together (together being the operative word here) and we had fun. I worked in some very busy ED's but all were great fun because of the people I worked with. They had your back and there was never a time when someone said they would not help you. When you work with great people, you can put up with almost anything.

Welcome to Nursing! Unfortunately believe it or not but nursing is like this. I won't say nursing is like this everywhere but YES. You cannot believe anyone and you are out there on your OWN! But just put your full effort and things will shine better!


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In my hospital, ratios are climbing and the management just makes life miserable for so many. They never picked on me, but I saw them torture so many co-workers that I just left for a smaller newer rehab hospital. We still have high ratios, but pts are not as acute. Our staff worked well together, like a team, and we met and had fun outside of work as well ...but a select manager or two just ruined it for a lot of us and now the unit is breaking apart and everyone is leaving ... I say check out the management first and try to get honest feedback about them if you can ...they really make or break your experience.

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