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Would this be Overkill? :/


I am not working atm so I will have time to study. I am planning on taking these classes for fall in a community college:

A&P 2


Possibly Chem 1 or another science class

Possibly English (I have the credit but got a B from couple years back)

That is like 16 credits, so I should be able to take that. What you guys think?

Ultimately everyone is different, so the question is, how do you feel about taking that many science classes in one semester? Just because you plan on not working during that semester does not guarantee straight A's. Life always has a way of interfering.

I have taken all those classes but not in a single semester and I feel confident that I could have done A&P2, chem, english and another 3 credit course in a single semester due to chem not requiring much reading, just good math skills and the memorization of formulas, whereas microbio requires a lot of reading. Good luck on your decision.

Is Micro harder compared to A&P?

I don't think I would attempt AP2 and Microbiology together, just because they are two major science classes that require a lot of studying..but that's just me if you feel you can do it go for it!

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It's up to you. I took A&P II with micro and 3 other classes. It was no big deal. Just organize your time.

Wow really? Which one was harder or took more time? I have heard AP 2 is easier than AP 1? Is this true?

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Good day, Clodoveo:

This past Spring, I took AP2, Microbiology, Nutritional Science, and Life Cycle Development (LCD) for 14 credits. For a full time student, it is doable, but very hard. Personally, I found Microbiology easier than AP2 (btw, for me, AP2 lab was harder than AP1 lab, but the physiology was easier for me than AP1). Now, I would putting in 36 to 48 hours of study time for just AP2 and Microbiology plus 9 to 12 hours per week for Nutritional Science, and 6 to 9 hours per week for LCD. By the end of the semester, I was fried mentally. Now, if I had to switch chemistry with nutrition, given chemistry would have lab reports, lots and lots of homework (potentially), I'm not sure I would add chemistry into the equation (that's me).

May I recommend contacting each professor of the classes you are considering taking and asking for a copy of the syllabus for the upcoming semester? That might help you get a handle of the expected workload.

Thank you.

It would be too much for me....but I have kids, and a business, and a lot of other things on my plate. I took micro and a&p II last semester together....Micro was easier for me.....and I agree A&P II lab was harder then I but the physiology part of it was easier.....

is it do able? that depends on the amount of time you are able to devote to school, your motivation to study, and how well you are able to retain AND learn the info

I think A&P 2 is easier!! But I don't really know because I didn't have that great of a professor for A&P 1 (awesome person, but first semester teaching so didn't really know what she was doing) I have an amazing professor for A&P 2 he is so clear on his teaching and his lectures are amazing. As for lab I found them equally easy.

A & P II is just a continuation from A & P I, so if you had trouble in AP1 and have not figured out what the underlying cause was you will probably have trouble in AP2. From my experience Microbiology was a lot more fun that A & P and required the same amount of study time as A & P. Whereas chemistry did have a fair amount of homework, there was little reading compared to A&P. Chemistry was merely memorizing math formulas which for me was significantly easier than having to retain many pages out of an anatomy or microbiology textbook.

A&P 2Micro Possibly Chem 1 or another science classPossibly English That is quite a schedule. I hope you have great professors! If you're planning on taking general inorganic chemistry first semester that is okay( if you like chemistry that's great). English isn't too bad. Micro is not a hard class to do well in if you study. Do expect to put in some lab time effort though. My school there is no A and P together its just anatomy or physiology for a whole semester. In took physiology first due to schedule constraints. I had a somewhat tricky professor I got a pretty good grade with lots of dedication. I took anatomy in a different semester. It was not as bad as I thought. I had a great peofessor . I studied a lot for this class. I got a higher grade in anatomy than physiology by one letter grade. I think having micro , a and p 2, chemistry all in one semester requires a lot of time management and studying priority. Depending on how you schedule your schedule is also important like if you want micro and Chem on same day but hours apart? I want to say it is possible to handle all these science classes with good study habits and priorization. It is a little heavy in a sense that theres a lot of sciences .Are you trying to be done with all preqs soon ?

Yes I want to get done with as much pre reqs as possibly and boost my average GPA from couple years ago before I was in the navy. I feel like taking these science classes, plus the total amount of credits will help raise my Cum GPA.

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I personally loved microbiology. I could take that class every day and not get bored of it.


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Not sure anyone touched on it, but why are you retaking English if you got a B? You should check with the program(s) you are interested about their retake policy and on which gpa they look at. Some programs won't accept retake classes so long add you passed them with a c. Some programs only look at science gpa.

That said, the only one I wouldn't take would be Chem. The others almost match my last semester. I took A&P and Micro. Had no issues. Its really all about your time tho. Chem is very very intense tho. I would take it the same semester as micro.

Here, you can only retake F or D grades.

I took Micro and A&P 2, plus 3 other 3pt classes and did fine. BUT I researched my Dr.s to understand how they teach and If they teach in the best way to help me learn. And I took to school like it was my JOB. The tutor center was my favorite hang out and was always ready to study buddy.

The last little bet of Micro and A& P2 was dealing with immunity. So they really helped me learn and understand the material better. But I don't know how it will be in your courses.

BTW, my Dr.s actually teach the course. Not give you the material and sent you home to figure it out. Lots of stories and examples.