Would you lose benifits to get into OB-GYN?

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I'm a newish grad - Dec 09. The area where i live is incredibly saturated with nurses and i am thankful that i have a job at all, working in a peds office. I have benefits (which i really dont need because i get insurance though my husband), but i JUST became eligible for 50% IRA matching through the company. I've been there a long time as a MA and they have been good to me.

In an ideal world i wanted to work in Med-Surg, then the ER, then NICU, then L&D and then go back to school for my CNM. Of course i cant even get into the hospital at all...

So anyway, i sent out my resume to dozens of OB-GYN offices 6 months ago and got a call back yesterday for an office nurse position in Boston with affiliation to a large teaching hospital. The position is for 24 hours a week (i'm working 40 now), they need coverage on days that dont work with the daycare/school schedule that i've set up for my kids, and i wouldnt get any benefits.

My interview is tomorrow morning and i am totally at a loss, i have no idea what i'm going to do if they offer me the job. I guess i would be more interested if there is strong possibility that this will open the door for a hospital OB-GYN position.

What would you do?

Has anyone gone from a office OB position straight to a hospital position without going through Med/Surg, or will this be a dead end?

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I don't want to discourage you and maybe some OB nurses with more experience will have a different take on it... But I know my hospital and sister hospitals look for floor experience and critical care is a definate plus. I don't know if an office position would help.... Though OB office would be better than peds... maybe? Sorry I hope someone else can be more encouraging! Good luck on whatever you decide.

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It sounds like you would lose alot if you change jobs. Like schack my hosital looks for RN experience working the hospital floor so I don't think it will make much difference if you change jobs.

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In this situation I wouldn't take the OB position.

Stay where you are.

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I want to become an L&D nurse and will be going back for my DNP but my MSN will be in Nurse-Midwifery/Women's Health. I worked in Med-Surg for a little under 6 months and wanted to go to L&D badly. The issue is that most places want you to have floor experience before going into L&D. I would say stay at your present position.

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