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  1. Both hospitals I have worked at require insulin to be double checked and signed prior to giving.... And when I worked med/surg that was a pretty common order with my docs. Thankfully it all turned out okay and you learned something...
  2. I wanted OB more than anything... I spent 13 months on med/surg/tele floor then I was offered a chance in my specialty. It was worth the wait! Good luck to you!
  3. schack

    Breastfeeding support by HCPs

    I work L&D and M/B... I NEVER give formula or a pacifer to a breast baby without mom's permission. If a doc orders formula for a medical indication (baby won't latch, more than 10% weight loss, low BS, increased bili, etc) then the doc and I disuss it with the parents. Baby may be bottle feed or finger fed formula. We have a LC who sees all our moms (she is wonderful, btw!). I take breastfeeding very seriously- I will spend as much time as needed to help a mom latch. And if I can't I get help for her. My experience has been way more mom's send baby to the nursery at night and want formula given so they can sleep all night (despite being told about the need to breastfeed for stimulation)... then they complain if the baby struggles to latch back on at 9am when they are ready.... so I think it can go both ways. Just my personal experiences....
  4. schack

    Advice on SVE

    I too am new to OB. Started in January :) It can be difficult to find the cervix sometimes... I just go very slowly and gently. If it isn't very anterior and easy to locate. I just feel left to right and then feel more posterior... I have always been able to find the cervix in term/near term pts, but it takes me some time. I try not to rush. Now preterm.... ugh. Sometimes I am not confident that a 30 weeker is closed so I have someone double check.... Not sure if that helps you. Hopefully more experienced nurses will chime in. I will be watching for their suggestions too. Good luck to you :)
  5. That nurses are having amazing sex in the supply room with Dr. McDreamy.... LOL. Too much TV!
  6. schack

    epidural and decel question

    I am new to OB, so I am interested to see how the experienced OB nurses answer this question. I, however, let my pt's know prior to their epidural that one of the side effects can be a drop in maternal BP with a related decel in baby. I also reassure them that we take measures to correct this with positioning, O2, fluids, meds, etc. I believe that pt's should be fully informed and also it is less scary (IMO) when I start interventions post epidural. I believe that it makes my pt's more cooperative and in those moments I am focused on fixing the issue not explaining it. If I need assistance from other nurses/staff I use the call light. I would only press the maternal code button for a true code. In my hospital the code button would bring not only OB staff but also our CODE team. I certainly don't want 1/2 my ER and anesthesia staff responding for a decel... I'm pretty sure that would get my backside chewed...
  7. schack

    Increase In Obese Mothers=Increase in Risks

    I have only been in OB 6 months, but, unfortunately that is the trend that I see. I would say that half of my pts are overweight before pregnancy and close to 1/3 are obese. What is most scary to me is the number of obese, teen mothers I have cared for. I am curious to hear what others are experiencing.
  8. schack

    do you skip your lunch break routinely?

    I work in OB. I try very hard to always take a meal break. 12 hours is to long to go without food and a bathroom break. There are times where lunch is at 3pm and I only take 15 minutes... We are a small unit and if somethings going on we all try to help out. But a break is important. On the other hand when we are very slow, we all get lunch and then some. I feel like on my unit it all evens out! If I am not eating, nobody is eating- we are a team.
  9. schack


    I have been a nurse for 2 years. I started in Med/surg/tele. were I had 4 weeks orientation.... Left in January for an OB position at another hospital and I am working on 6 months of orientation. I am orienting to L&D, PP, Nursery and Outpt/triage- were a small unit- and I wouldn't even consider less time on orientation. I think as a brand new grad you have to learn all of your basic time management skills and ability to interact with multiple physicians and ancillary staff as well as learn the OB part.... that is a lot. My advice is make sure you are comfortable- it's your license on the line. Good luck to you!
  10. schack

    IV insertion tips, tricks, hints, sites, etc.

    I learned to "float" my iv's in. I started in med/surg with lots of old, frail veins, and I still do it even now in OB (and most of my pts have huge, lovely veins!). I find my site, cleanse and insert the needle- once I have a flash I stop. I stablize the cath- withdrawl the needle (my needles you just push the button to retract the needle, not sure what you use) then I attach my tubing and slowly flush the cath in to position. Secure my site, tape my tubing and run my fluid. When I was working med/surg. I would float the cath into position with a saline flush then attach tubing. But once I switched units, I just started floating them in with the actual iv fluid that I will be using. So maybe one of these ways would help you.... I wasn't taught in nursing school how to float the cath in but a very experienced outpt surgery nurse showed me and it works very well for me. I am not sure what unit you work on, but it can be helpful to go to outpt surgery or an endo. lab to start iv's on healthy pts! Or even L&D- if you can. Good luck- it just takes lots of sticks!:)
  11. schack

    Who has the most "gravy" RN job ever?

    I have my "gravy" job, but it isn't always easy and the hours aren't great.... But I wouldn't trade OB for anything. I am just so thankful that I only spent 13 mo. in the "trenches"! Guess "gravy" is what you make of it
  12. I love L&D! But sometimes happy and stressed go hand in hand!! And of course there are bad days....
  13. schack

    Short Interview, help please

    what are the daily duties of your job? i work l&d, pp or nursery as needed and help with outpts. what hours do you work? i work 7a to 7p right now but will be switching to 11p-7a in a couple of months. did you have to take any special courses/classes to be in the line of nursing that you are in? i have taken a lot of additional hospital based classes since i was hired, including nrp and stable. what does your day consist of as a nurse? if i am with a labor pt. i start with an assessment of pt, including reviewing the efm strip. i may have to start an iv. i give any needed medications (atb, pitocin, pain meds, etc.). i do a lot of teaching. then, on a good day, i assist with a delivery. at my facility we recovery both mom and baby. then i either flip to pp and keep my pts or pass them off and get a new labor pt and start over. who do you work with on a daily basis? i work with other rn's, a unit clerk, a nursing assistant, charge nurse, ob, anesthesia, pharmacy and sometimes resp. therapy. do you work with the same team of people everyday? nope. who do you communicate with on a daily basis?everyone. how do you keep the communication open with those that you work with everyday? i am respect to everyone and i expect the same in return. we utilize an sbar sheet to help with good communication skills. how do you and the others that you work with keep the communication open between each other? see above answer. how does the communication differ with a patient and a patient's family? i have to speak differently with pts and families. typically, they do not have a medical background, so all communication has to be in away that is clear to them. and that can differ from pt to pt. i also have to remember, even when speaking with "medical" people- ob is foreign to almost everyone who doesn't work in it! i have to be flexible! i hope this helps you! good luck.
  14. schack

    from ltc to ob

    I'm sorry, I'm confused? Are you a nurse or an nurse aid going to an OB tech position?
  15. I am an RN, my husband is an RT.... We both enjoy are jobs. However, if my husband had it to do over, he says he would go with nursing because there are so many different jobs under the "nursing" umbrella. As for the job market.... both fields are flooded in my area (OH). I think the above advice to shadow both an RN and RT is a great idea. You have to go with what you are going to be most satisfied with in the long run. :) Having said that.... I vote for nursing!!
  16. schack

    pulling ob nurses to other floors

    I work in a small OB unit. We work both L&D and PP but do not float to other floors. I could probably pick up extra shifts since I have a med/surg background but choose not too.

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