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Would this look like job hopping?


I worked on a Trauma floor for 15 months, then transferred to the pediatric ICU and have now been there 8 months. I’m PRN there but working full time hours. Lately my hours have been cut a lot due to covid so I got worried and applied to some jobs. I currently have an offer for a cardiac ICU job in a different hospital. One of my goals is to eventually work in a pediatric CVICU in a larger city (we don’t have anything like that here). I might be moving in about a year and a half. My question is: should I stick with the PICU job for longevity sake? Elective surgeries are supposed to start happening again and restrictions in general are being lifted. The only thing about the PICU Is that it was more like a step-down unit acuity wise. The cardiac ICU would be a step up in acuity but they also don’t do open hearts. Thanks for any advice!

Also should mention I would try to keep my PICU job PRN if I took the CICU job, but probably couldn’t do both for too long just because of the PRN requirements. I’d be working 4 shifts every week and only have 1 weekend off a month to keep both.

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I think as long as you keep the new job for a year and a half or so, it'd look OK.

Once you move, you could list "lack of available shifts due to COVID" as your reason for leaving PICU, which most managers will certainly understand, and "long distance move" as your reason for leaving the new gig. Both are reasonable explanations.

If your goal is to work pedi CVICU, I think your history of trauma, PICU, and cardiac ICU will be great.

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You could always tell anyone who asks that you needed to get a regular benefited position.

Is there no way to work just a minimum number of hours at the per diem job just to keep it as a back-up? (Not to mention to have it listed longer on your resume?)

Don't make too many choices based on maybe/might be moving in a year and a half. The coming recession is going to shake up a LOT of people's plans.


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If you currently enjoy your job in PICU I would explore your options to stay in that job, eg Could you do some shifts PRN in other areas while things are quieter?

Everyone is in the same boat right now, no one is certain about the future. A months time your unit could be back to normalsh, or a year later it might not be needed. Same for your new job offer, could be great or might be quiet too, and as the newest employer you will most likely be the first made redundant.

I think right now is not the time to Make big decision. If you can hold off till you have more clarity! But if you can’t afford to stay in PICU 18 months in your next job will be enough time to avoid looking like a job hopper.

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I would take the ICU. As someone who has done hiring in the past, I would see it as moving toward your ultimate goal, not job hopping. In a few years, when you are ready to move, you will be a CVICU vet with PICU experience.