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    Difficulty Transferring

    I currently work on the step-down trauma floor at a level 1 trauma hospital. I now have over a year of experience and have started applying to the pediatric departments. So far I've applied to 3 different positions: PICU, NICU, and their ER. It's been exactly 2 weeks since I've applied, and my status is still "under review." I called HR yesterday to check on my status and she said she would pass my name and number on to the recruiter. I know experience isn't an issue, I've known new grads and a couple of people with the exact same experience as me get jobs on those floors. And when I ask those people, they said they were called for an interview within a week of applying. Also this would be considered a transfer, so I thought that would help me at least get an interview. I'm worried HR hasn't even passed my resume to the managers. Can anyone offer any advice on what to do??