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  1. snickers17

    Compact license and renewal

  2. snickers17

    Compact license and renewal

    When I started working as a nurse, I got my Alabama license. A year went by and I thought I was going to move to Florida and work there so I got my compact license in Florida. This was before Alabama became compact. I ended up not working in Florida. Now the renewal for Alabama is coming up. I would like to renew my Alabama license as compact, and I guess inactivate my Florida license so I don’t have 2 compact licenses? Does this sound right? I have Alabama as my residence.
  3. snickers17

    Would this look like job hopping?

    I worked on a Trauma floor for 15 months, then transferred to the pediatric ICU and have now been there 8 months. I’m PRN there but working full time hours. Lately my hours have been cut a lot due to covid so I got worried and applied to some jobs. I currently have an offer for a cardiac ICU job in a different hospital. One of my goals is to eventually work in a pediatric CVICU in a larger city (we don’t have anything like that here). I might be moving in about a year and a half. My question is: should I stick with the PICU job for longevity sake? Elective surgeries are supposed to start happening again and restrictions in general are being lifted. The only thing about the PICU Is that it was more like a step-down unit acuity wise. The cardiac ICU would be a step up in acuity but they also don’t do open hearts. Thanks for any advice! Also should mention I would try to keep my PICU job PRN if I took the CICU job, but probably couldn’t do both for too long just because of the PRN requirements. I’d be working 4 shifts every week and only have 1 weekend off a month to keep both.
  4. snickers17

    Separate holiday PTO?

    I have a job offer from a hospital that gives 3.6 hrs of PTO every pay period. So that’s 7.2 days/year. There are 8 paid holidays. I’m really worried about needing to call in sick, but also planning the occasional vacation. If I get really sick and have to call out for a day or two, there goes all my vacation time since it accrues so slowly. Does anyone have experience with having the holiday time separate? Can I save it it or do you have to use it that month. HR wasn’t helpful and only told me it was dependent on the department’s policy.
  5. snickers17


    It’s for vacation, sick time, and personal leave. It goes up a little bit every year, after one year it goes to 0.054 PTO hrs/hr, after 2 years 0.057 and so on. The only think I see about holidays is that they are not accrued, but deposited on the date observed. I’m not sure what this means, I’m coming from a place with no paid holidays, no extra pay for them or anything.
  6. snickers17


    Hey guys, I've just received a job offer. The PTO accrual is 0.05 hours of PTO for every hour worked. So that's 86.4 hours/year, or 7.2 days. I'm trying to see if I should take this job. Is this average? My last full-time nursing job I got 197 hours/ year but it also had mandatory overtime so it's hard to compare.
  7. snickers17

    Call from Risk Management to speak with Attorney

    Thanks for your replies guys. I’m also confused as to why I’m being asked about a pressure ulcer, since those develop over time. It’s not an acute event like a fall. So far none of my co-workers have gotten the same call. Should I be concerned by that?
  8. snickers17

    Call from Risk Management to speak with Attorney

    I just talked to RM again and got clarification- They want me to talk to the hospitals lawyer, not the patients
  9. snickers17

    Call from Risk Management to speak with Attorney

    Unfortunately, I work in a state where unions don’t exist for nurses.
  10. Today I received a call from my Hospital’s Risk Management department. They said I’m not directly at fault but I was one of the nurses who took care of a patient who apparently developed a stage 4 pressure ulcer while on my floor. They asked if I remembered him and I said no, they asked if I could come in and talk to the patient’s attorney and even if I don’t remember anything they like it in writing. I find it strange I’m talking first to the patient’s attorney rather than the hospital’s. I told them I would get back to them. Do you guys have any advice for how I should proceed?
  11. snickers17

    Difficulty Transferring

    I currently work on the step-down trauma floor at a level 1 trauma hospital. I now have over a year of experience and have started applying to the pediatric departments. So far I've applied to 3 different positions: PICU, NICU, and their ER. It's been exactly 2 weeks since I've applied, and my status is still "under review." I called HR yesterday to check on my status and she said she would pass my name and number on to the recruiter. I know experience isn't an issue, I've known new grads and a couple of people with the exact same experience as me get jobs on those floors. And when I ask those people, they said they were called for an interview within a week of applying. Also this would be considered a transfer, so I thought that would help me at least get an interview. I'm worried HR hasn't even passed my resume to the managers. Can anyone offer any advice on what to do??