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I have some pretty strong feelings on this subject, since I worked as a teaching assistant for several semesters in anatomy, physiology, and microbiology classes, and I can't tell you how many times I watched people struggle and fail to work full time and maintain a strong GPA. Often people who I could tell were capable of A's were settling for B's because they just didn't have the time to study like they should have. And as you seem to understand (not everyone does!) getting straight B's in nursing prerequisites is about as good as getting F's; there are so many qualified applicants with straight A's applying for programs that you'll get lost in the shuffle. Not to mention that you'll have a hell of a time going back for a masters or doctorate if you want to be an NP or CRNA down the road.

I strongly advise you to listen to your gut and stop working so many hours if it's getting in the way of your schooling. Take out loans if you need to. It is extremely short-sighted of your parents to want you to work a minimum wagey (I'm guessing here, since you're 18) job and jeopardize your education, especially when you're working towards a degree with good pay and excellent job security.

Please ignore people who claim that because they worked 60+ hours with three kids and made a 4.0 that you can and should do it too. Maybe they're geniuses. Maybe they have a freakishly low need for sleep. Maybe they're full of &*@$. What matters is, that's not you. Trust your own gut.

I'm not saying it's for everyone...not everyone can work a ton of hours and still pull off good grades. But there is always ways around it if you deem it necessary to work, don't just shut the door on working just because others say NO ONE can work and get good grades. Do I agree that not working and focusing on school is ideal? YES!!!! If I had that option I would take it in a heartbeat, the fact of the matter is that I'm supporting a family of 4 while furthering myself in school to earn more so I don't have that option.

As stated before, everyone's needs and situations are different. As a matter of fact I don't require as much sleep as some, I get around 4-5 hours of sleep a night. 40-60 hours a week...Like I said, I'm an AEMT so a lot of my hours are spent at the station doing homework so I get to duel role while at work. All I'm trying to say is that it CAN be done but if you don't HAVE to, don't.


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I worked and maintained a GPA 4.0 so it can be done. You gotta prioritize your time.


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Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't replied to anyone yet.

First, I want to say thanks for everyone who took the time to comment on this, I took everyone's opinions into consideration.

I think my parents and I have come to some sort of compromise. Like I said, I'm at a 4-year completing my prereqs to work toward a BSN, so my program doesn't require a CNA (most CA 4 year schools don't). BUT, I'm thinking of going to the CC this summer and getting my CNA anyway so that way I'm not just working a minimum wage job AND it will help me at least get my foot in the door for when I get my BSN. I've looked at the job listings and there are part-time CNA jobs available in both LTC facilities and Hospitals, so I think it could work out alright. It's just a plan right now, I have to call the CC and discuss financial aid (if I even qualify for any since I'm already getting aid at my university). It is $1000 for everything (seems to be the average price for a reputable program in this area), so if the school does offer me some aid, my parents said they would help me with however much they can since I'm going to my 4-year with a grant for tuition and I'm putting my fees and my books on a loan.

Anyway, thanks again for all the comments!


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This is not a what if scenario.

You already did this and the results were failure.

Is your academic record worth trial #2 in the name of science?

If a baby falls out the 3rd floor window and says he's OK, should more follow and expect same results?

Offer to put the expenses on a spreadsheet to be paid back after graduation. This will demonstrate you are taking ownership of those expenses.