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  1. Vaccines Required for Nursing School

    The Anti-HBs is also known as HBsAb (Hepatitis B surface Antibody). It is a blood draw to determine the level of Hep B antibodies in your blood. In other words, it determines if you're immune to Hep B or not. A "positive" or "reactive" result means ...
  2. Opinions about nursing shoes.....

    I have the unisex Landau shoes with the removable insoles. They are really squishy, and great for 12 hour shifts. I have flat feet, so my feet are usually in incredible pain after about 45-60 minutes of standing, but with these I can totally tolerate...
  3. Accidently shared a test bank

    Don't try to hide the situation. I agree with the P.P. - talk to the department and explain what happened - you got them from a tutor and had no knowledge that they were test bank questions. Part of nursing is being able to be professional and come ...
  4. Taking a Year Off? Did not pass TEAS.

    Which review book did you use? I would recommend the official ATI TEAS manual. It's about $20-25 on Amazon for a new copy. If you look at your score report, it will actually give you specific page numbers what you need to review. This way your studyi...
  5. 2 yr or 4 yr college path?

    If I was in her shoes, NYU would be out so fast. I turned down my top 2 dream schools (both of which I was accepted to) because room and board was going to be $14K/yr. I come from a similar background - parents had low income; filed bankruptcy so I w...
  6. Should I work as a CNA before starting Nursing School?

    I would wait a little bit, just because going into nursing school is stressful enough without having a pretty high stress job on top of it. Try getting used to nursing school, and then apply for work. Maybe do fundamentals and Med/Surg 1 (or whatever...
  7. When do hospital placements usually start for RN students

    I'm in a BSN program, and we started first quarter in fundamentals. The first five weeks of the term we were in skills lab, then the last five weeks we were on the floor in the hospital.
  8. How many clinical rotations do you have?

    Mine looks a little weird because my sophomore year started out on quarters, but next year (my junior year) the whole university is making the switch to semesters. This is a BSN program btw (the program itself is 3 years). Sophomore: Fall - Fundamen...
  9. Looking for Stethoscope Recommendations

    I have a littmann classic III and it does everything I need for school, and can continue to use it when I graduate. You can't go wrong with the classic ii s.e. either. I wouldn't even consider a littmann cardiology at this point. It costs way more mo...
  10. For Those of You Who Were Accepted Into BSN Programs With No CNA Experience

    My school didn't give that much weight to volunteering or previous experience. They use a point system, and previous experience only awarded 3 extra points (just to put that in perspective, being a continuing student of the university awarded 10 extr...
  11. Titers for Admission

    Although you will have to check with your school for their policy and clinical site policies, it wouldn't surprise me if you have to get it. My Hep B was non-reactive and I had to schedule an appointment for the first immunization before health servi...
  12. Owning a dog while in nursing school- really stressed out!

    I think, first and foremost, you HAVE to set aside some time to spend with your dog when you are home. When you get home from clinical, play ball or something with your dog for an hour or so. On your days off from clinical, take your dog for walks. I...
  13. Pharmacology before Nursing school?

    If you have taken physiology and pathophysiology, then I think you should be fine taking it early. I would say you need at least those two classes though, because you need to understand the disease processes and how the body responds to them before y...
  14. Too young for nursing school?

    I turned 19 just weeks before I started my BSN program. As long as you won't be bothered by people calling you the "baby" of the class (jokingly) you'll be fine.
  15. Scored 95.3% on TEAS V

    Congrats! I remember the shock when I retook it about a year ago and got 94. I definitely made me at least a LITTLE bit more comfortable waiting for nursing school decision letters.