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hi, i am currently trying to do a self-review while working at the same. do you think this is a healthy way to prepare for my nclex?

at present my agency is supplying me with these materials: hesi, nclex 3,500, and nclex 4,000 plus a book with tons of delegation and prioritization. do you think these are sufficient? are there review materials which you believe are pretty good trainers in prep for nclex?

they also encouraged me to do 200 questions a day. it doesn't seem enough but when i try to do 200 questions a day i get so fatigued after that. sometimes fatigue is my gauge that i am doing my review. hehe:d

i wanna pass the exam because reapplication is such a hassle and is very costly. retake is definitely a no-no in these trying times. please pray for me and do give some advices especially those of you who made it.

thank you.:redbeathe:heartbeat

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I worked and studied, Yes it can be hard but I set aside 2 hours a day when working and 4 hours when not working and studied. My husband bless him looked after the house and dogs whilst I locked myself away from distractions. I would say 100-200 a day is more than enough as you need to give your brain chance to assimilate what you are learning. Read the rationales even if you get it right


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You are lucky to have resources provided by your employer. Lots of people work and prepare at the same time, so you can do it too. If 200 questions a day make you too tired, then do a few less. Good luck with your test.


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Thanks for your kind advice. The way you manage your time really inspired me. I think I am a very topsy turvy and disorganized person when it comes to time management. But you did give me the idea about setting a few hours a day and such...and I thought to myself, "Yeah, it is possible.". I guess I just panicked at the thought of working and reviewing at the same time. I am so poor at multi-tasking. And sometimes, my time gets eaten up by ending up doing irrelevant things rather than focusing on what matters. I should focus. That;s the key. Thanks

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This is a good way to gain some time management skills and once you start working you will be able to up it more. Good luck


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That plan will work just fine. just stick to it! I do 200 a day...if i work (12hrs) i usually can get in about 75 to 100...pushing it. but 200 a day is a good measure. sometimes on my day off i have done 400 but at that point my mind is mush;) good luck.



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Just stick to your plan and you'll be totally fine. Also give yourself some free time to excersice and play. Good luck!


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I think your facility provided you with great resources,stick to them and you will do just fine:) Good luck!!

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