Working Holidays? 5 Ways to Make It Work for You

Working the holidays? This article offers a little encouragement as you head into the season.

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Anyone here ever have loved ones hospitalized on major holidays?

When my dad's body was in the morgue one Thanksgiving, I would have given anything to have taken care of others' loved ones while my dad and family were home celebrating Thanksgiving without me.

I had shared custody of my oldest kids since they were 2 and 3. I leaned more than 20 yrs ago how to enjoy the celebration on alternate days and my family, bless them, adapted as well. To have a family that made sure to get together with a dinner that rivaled anything served on the 3rd Thursday in Nov and Dec 25th so that my children and I could experience a full family holiday meant more than the traditional calendar day.


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Very nice attitude of both you and your family. Alternate celebrations can be just as much fun or more. Keep it up. linda