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Working as a CNA while pregnant...

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I have been a CNA for almost 2 years, and while I love my job...It can get pretty hectic. I work in a rehab center with a very strict supervisor and the job is REALLY demanding. I am pretty much running back and forth the entire shift and lifting several times. Recently it has gotten hard. I work 2 8 hour shifts and 2 12 hour shifts a week. I found out I was pregnant about a week ago and since then it has went downhill for me. I am having a really rough first trimester. I am nauseous most of the evening which doesn't help that I work 3PM-11PM. The smells make me nauseous as well. I do not want to quit because I have been at my job for a while. My supervisor does not do light duty, as she has taken people off of schedules for having a doctors excuse to be so. Is anyone else in this position and do you have any tips? I am DREADING work tomorrow and I have already changed my schedule twice in the past few months for school so she won't let me again. Help :(

Congrats on your pregnancy !!!! I'm 38 weeks pregnant and stopped working last week. It was just getting a bit too much working the floor. Since you have a ways to go in your pregnancy I would suggest going part time if you can. For the nausea, keep crackers and gingerale near by. This helped me when I would get nauseous in the first trimester.More importantly listen to your body. Your body will let you know when it is time to stop working. Someone here on AN gave me that same advice and I'm glad I listened. There is no need to try to be a hero. Take care of you and your baby.

Manage you nausea per your OB doctor. Pregnancy and what goes along it.. is not your employer's responsibility,it's yours.

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Congratulations! Crackers with PB, real lemonade, and ginger ale got me through my five. If it's severe though, you should see your OB provider about it.


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Congratulations! I am sorry you are feeling so lousy but as said, you need to talk to your doctor about getting some Zofran or something for the nausea. I managed by taking zofran and using ginger ale as well as nausea bands for my wrists. It was tough, as smells really bugged me horribly. There is good news, however. After the 1st trimester, usually nausea backs off and you feel so much better.

Normally, pregnancy is not considered a disability and you are expected to pull your weight, except for heavy lifting. You COULD try to get a doctor note for light duty, but as you said, your supervisor does not give light duty assignments, so you probably will have to just grin and bear it.

Best of luck, and again, congratulations!

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I had nausea/vomiting my entire pregnancies. It's rough! I honestly sometimes would quickly walk out of a pt room(melena!), throw up and then return. My coworkers were great about helping me out with lifts as I had a history of miscarriage and they just were all kind of protective. Always keep a small something in your stomach. B6 and unisom also helped me, get Zofran if you need it.