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  1. been there,done it

    Why I am leaving my last job

    "lazy coworkers mean director (new in the last 3 years) turn over of 130 staff members in 1.5 years way to far to drive rediculous/redundant amount of charting and paperwork bullying bad nurse/patient ratio" These are universal problems within our profession. You have enough experience to seek out and find your "change". Decide what you want.. and go for it. Good luck, let us know how it's going.
  2. been there,done it

    Getting cut short on orientation

    You answered your own question. Think it over.. then tell your manager you want the full orientation. This actually a great lesson to apply in your career. Never cave into pressure. You will be experiencing pressure everyday. Do what YOU feel is right.
  3. been there,done it

    Failed out of BSN Program, What Now?

    Son needs to work with his school counselors/ advisors as to the next step. There must be a process in place for when an otherwise good student fails. I am throwing out an off the wall suggestion... can he finish in an on -line program? ( Just curious.. what class did he fail? Could be an indication of problems in the future.) It all depends on what state you live in.... as to what his current credits would qualify him for. I personally feel an LPN position would be a huge, unnecessary setback. Sorry you experienced so much negativity on this site. Best of luck to you and your son. Hope you let us know how it's going.
  4. been there,done it

    My coworker is stealing

    This is far from butting into her business. OP feels time and money is being "stolen" from the employer. Ethically, she is required to act . Most employers would hold her accountable for ignoring the issue. As professionals, we can't ignore obvious waste, fraud or abuse.
  5. been there,done it

    Advice for a stuttering nurse

    As Esme said.. could just be the market. Have you sent follow up notes asking how you could "Improve" on the interview? You didn't ask for any advice regarding the stuttering... but I'm a nurse so here it comes... I had a friend who stopped his stuttering by giving a slow" HMMMM " before starting to speak. Made him sound intelligent and stopped the stuttering. Good luck, let us know how it's going.
  6. been there,done it

    ADVICE: New RN has first interview tomorrow!!!

    Be prepared for behavioral questions. Tell me about a time you... encountered xxx and how you handled it. Have several scenarios in mind that will prove you will excel in a Short Stay Unit. I have worked in several .. the nurse needs to excel in assessment, communication, and flexibility. You may start the shift with a patient ready for discharge... then they crash and burn on their way out the door. Resume' , express suit, and portfolio ... no longer apply.
  7. been there,done it

    what is the bet company to work for?

    What is YOUR definition of the bet company? Case management requires the ultimate in attention to detail.
  8. been there,done it


    Thanks for your concern! I have been in contact with All Nurses IT. My son is also an IT expert, I work from home for an insurance company and had no issues there. Could not come back as BTDT... BTDI is okay with me.
  9. been there,done it

    How do I keep integrity

    Absolutely nothing wrong with clicking your heels when a PIA is discharged. "Earlier in the day I had let her take some of her home meds that were discontinued ".. is going to cost you your profession. That is called prescribing. Always get a physician order.
  10. been there,done it


    Your observational skills are spot on. I am BTDI, formerly known as BTDT. Reformatted the computer, site will not let me back on as BTDT. Do overs are interesting
  11. been there,done it

    I wish they had to stay and watch the chaos

    Scott ..ya might want to read the op 's post again. This is not about busting tail. We all do that . OP is wondering WHY we have to do it..in this situation ..and how we, as nurses can work towards a solution.
  12. been there,done it

    I wish they had to stay and watch the chaos

    Search out the root cause. Many of the patients did not require a full admission in the first place. Docs/Hospitalists do no teaching, or follow up planning.. stick that to the nurse... and the cycle continues. Make them accountable for level of care... or nothing will change.
  13. been there,done it


    These "folks" are learning the ropes. Have you ever been there?
  14. been there,done it

    favoritism comes full circle

    Hello, passive sambo. Love your screen name ..perfect! I appreciate your passion for excellent patient care. Sadly, there are MANY barriers in your way. Pick your battles.. .wisely. Don't waste your energy. Have you considered private duty? I see you excelling in that role. Good luck, keep us posted.
  15. been there,done it

    My coworker is stealing

    You must report any fraud, waste or abuse. Do you have access to a Compliance hotline?
  16. been there,done it

    It's that time of year...Christmas stories

    Nice is not a requirement. Share on!

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