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Hey Everyone. Just wondering how many hours a nurse works a week in the U.S. and what are typical weekly schedules like. Is self rostering popular over here?:confused:

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Self scheduling is an option that some hospitals do. In ICU where i work, most hospitals have us work 12 hour shifts. Some hospitals will have block scheduling. Three days one week, 4 days the next week, and you have a shift of nurses that are opposite of you, you'll never work with them.

Mostly in ICU it is 36hrs/week and 48hrs/week. alternating.

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I work a weekend premium. Every Friday/Sat or Sat/Sun night 12 hours so I work 24 but get paid for 36. I then usually pick up one sometimes 2 extra shifts a week---I am only picking up cause my kids need new toys!!


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There are many different work schedules.

There are :

  • 3 12 hour shifts one week 4 12 hour shifts the next week.
  • 4 10 hour shifts per week.
  • 5 days per week. (Either Mon - Fri or some variation of every other weekend)
  • Weekend Doubles (16 or 12 hours each day)
  • There is self scheduling and fixed scheduling
  • I know there are some place that do rotating schedules on different shifts (never implemented that so not sure how that works)
  • There is PRN/Per Diem which is whenever hospital/facility or you wish to work.
  • There is part time where you work a fixed schedule but not full time hours (anywhere from 30-40 hours usually)

I'm sure there are more but I haven't ever seen more than these.


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our hospital works 12-hour shifts and has 4 different rotations, 2 day shift rotations and 2 night shift rotations.

we work in "blocks":

  • monday/tuesday
  • wednesday/thursday
  • friday/saturday/sunday

you work one block and are off the next, .....

i love it, out of 14 days i work 7 days. and i can always tell my schedule in advance, i could tell you now what days i'll off in march for example.


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dd1 works blocks with the every other weekend off [12 hour shifts] she has worked this for several years now, started nights and now works days, she is very comfortable with it

other dd and youngest son [not in nursing] work 12 hour days one block and 12 nights next block, they can connect with others in opposite block to work their shift if they want off or they can pick extra days, holidays are high pay days and they usually can get off but will usually go in because of the money

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