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Would you go to work if you just found out your child had lice? I have 3 kids got a call from the school nurse that one of the kids in their class had head lice and when she checked my daughter had it too. We all share the same brush and they are always in my room laying on my bed so pretty sure I would probably have it also. I am scheduled to work tonoc @ 1800 and now I have to disinfect my entire house but will not be possible today if I have to work? Suggestions would be great.

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I think I would have someone check me. I would then call in and disinfect my house. Get some RID shampoo for the kids and myself.

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If you can take off work, it's not a bad idea. Unfortunately, if your girl has long hair, you have hours of combing ahead of you tonight. Make sure you follow the directions and retreat in 2 weeks or whatever it says on the product you buy.


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I would call in for sure.

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and if I worked with you, or was your patient- I would want you to call in too!!!...Been there done that...Lice sucks. I had to pick my daughters hair for hours...then wash all the bedding, bag up all the stuffed animals she slept with. Take the cushions of the sofa and wash those too. It seemed like I could not move fast enough. Best of luck.


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I called work the best I could get was 1/2 the shift off but at least it gives me time to get all of our heads clean and start on some washing. I probably won't be able to sleep when I get off in the am there will still be much to do. This is a huge pain in the behind hope no one ever has to encounter this! Thanks for your thoughts.

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Ugh, I feel for you. I've actually had those suckers in my hair before; they somehow made the rounds among some of the women that I used to work with at the hospital. We had chairs at the nurse's station that had fabric; a couple of them actually had rather high backs, and anyway I kinda wonder if that's how they got spread.

I was lucky in that at that time, I just had my daughter and she wasn't even a year old; still didn't have much hair. So she didn't get them. Still had to do a lot of disinfecting in my house, though.

And yes, I called in to work when I found out I had them and then got "RID" of them!!!


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As a former hairstylist, among other things, LOL, I can tell you a nearly fool-proof way to keep those things OFF you and your kids.

Go to a beauty supply store and get this little bottle HERE

It is called tea tree oil. Louse do NOT like it, to them it is like a pesticide.

You add this tiny bottle of oil to your regular, and kids, shampoo bottle.

It DOES NOT leave your hair oily.... (Fairly inexpensive way to keep these little devils away)

When I was a stylist, in one of my previous lives, we used to tell parents to do this before school starts because as soon as school starts, those little monsters come out of the woodwork.

The other alternative is Paul Mitchell puts out a product called Tea Tree


It is the more pricey intervention but still as effective.

OH, if you try either of these and you kids say, "it's tingly" it is supposed to do that.


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