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Well after a grueling summer of Anatomy, Microbio, and phys i'm finally finished!!!!!!I cant believe that i actually am done with these classes....And i got an a in ant and phy and a b in micro...Still keepin that gpa up there!...To anyone else who has yet to take these...You can do it ...just stick with it, it is def. some hard work but what a relief after your done....

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Congrats! Keep up the good work, and good luck with your future classes and career!


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I can't imagine taking anat and micro at the same time.


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oh it was awful, some days i would have an anatomy or phys test and a micro lab practical on the same day....now that was alot of stress....I'm just glad they are over with. Especially micro...not the most fun of classes...lol..


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Fun2, BSN, RN

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I didn't want to take the two together either...

I started a Maymester Micro class the monday after the spring ended....took the class in 8 weeks, it ended at the end of summer two. Then I took A&P 2 during summer 2....a 5 week class.

I planned it that way just so the two classes wouldn't over lap. I drove an hour to and an hour home 3 X WK for the micro class, instead of taking one closer that would have overlapped.

I feel for ya! lol :)

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