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  1. lmacks4

    Neumann College

    Yup! Graduated in December! Um every college has its ups and downs...With Neumann, you just gotta go with the flow... Some of the classes are pretty intense. You have to study ! Be able to put aside other stuff in your life for this program. Most of the teachers are great with one or two exceptions. In the end it did its job.. Passed boards 1st time then its on to real learning on the floor.
  2. lmacks4

    What happened to my healthy lifestyle?

    I hear ya on that. I make excerise part of my routine...I make sure that I bring my notes to the gym with me. Studying on the eliptical not only do you study but also getting in that excerise. Its great. :pumpiron:
  3. lmacks4


    oh it was awful, some days i would have an anatomy or phys test and a micro lab practical on the same day....now that was alot of stress....I'm just glad they are over with. Especially micro...not the most fun of classes...lol..
  4. lmacks4


    Well after a grueling summer of Anatomy, Microbio, and phys i'm finally finished!!!!!!I cant believe that i actually am done with these classes....And i got an a in ant and phy and a b in micro...Still keepin that gpa up there!...To anyone else who has yet to take these...You can do it ...just stick with it, it is def. some hard work but what a relief after your done....
  5. lmacks4

    schools with fewer applicants

    Why not try Philly? Tons of schools in the area and most with a great nursing program. Plus then you can be an Eagles fan...j/k... (Temple, Drexel, Thomas Jeff, Villanova, Neumann, West Chester, Holy Family, Gwynedd Mercy, Widener....the list goes on and on....I think no matter where you go there is going to be competition you just got to be persistant....
  6. lmacks4

    Drexel News!!

    Congrats!!!!! now if only they will let everyone else know...lol...Good luck!!!!!! :biere:
  7. lmacks4

    any news from drexel?

    This is ridiculous, they def need a better system..I applied so long ago and still havent' even got a confirmation that all my application materials were there.......It's only when you call you sort of get an answer and its different everytime you call...What are they doing over there.......Sorry just had to vent..... :angryfire
  8. lmacks4

    I did it!!!!

    i would recommend making note cards...i did for every system its great because even by re-writing the notes again it stores it in your brain. granted i went thru hundreds of note cards but it was well worth it. as for the anatomy lab practicals make sure you make note of everything while you in lab so when your studying you know exactly what part. also there alot of sites out there on the net with pics of cat organs or arteries/veins etc (what ever your studying) just do a general search. but most of all dont get discouraged. it's alot too handle but dont stress about it. do your studying and you'll do fine. i'll let ya know how phys goes...good luck! :biere:
  9. lmacks4

    I did it!!!!

    Yea!!!!! I got an A in Anatomy....now i get a week break and it phys. for another grueling 6 wks.....
  10. lmacks4

    A&P I: The Summer '05 Anatomy and Physiology Club

    Hey well I'm just about to take my Anatomy cumulative final this week..Yikes!!! But overall it's been not an unpleasent experience. I think what it comes down to is the teacher. If they are good it does a world of difference. Well anyway the school i'm taking my prereqs at has a great website for all the bones, cat organs , arteries etc and Slides...Check it out it really helped me out for my lab practicals....Hope it helps......
  11. lmacks4

    Starting school in Fall-Scared of Chem/Math!

    You sound exactly like me!!!!! Anything to do with numbers or even closely related to math I go nuts and dont even get me started on Chem...But anyway the good news is.......If your school offers tutoring def. take it...it may take some time but it's def. worth it. especially with chem, its like another language until someone sits you down and explains it to you. Also dont be afraid to ask your teachers for help...Go to their office hours!!!!! That why they are there....And plus it makes you look good for givin it your all. I just looked over my notes after each class..if i didnt understand something I went back and got help on it until I got it....It will pay off...it def did for me I got A's in both....Dont worry about it just work through it...You'll be fine.....
  12. lmacks4

    Should I Move in With Parents???

    Well, after I got my undergrad. I was one of the many that had to move back in with the parents. Although at times it can be alittle difficult the rewards are much greater. I'm currently in the process of getting my BSN and living at home has not been too bad. I save a tons of money, there is always food in the fridge, no major bills to pay except cell phone and car. Overall I can say it's a pretty nice deal. well i just wanted to let you know my expericence with moving back home...hope it helps...