had to withdrawl 4weeks before graduation

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I was 4 weeks away from graduating from rn program when I had a major stroke. Now I have to wait til January to start classess again any advise on what to do to stay in the studying groove over the summer? I am going to be helping a friend with her nutrition class

Thank goodness you are OK!

All I can tell you is to get your books and just read and outline...day by day.

Good luck to you.

I just want to say I'm glad you're ok considering. Wow...what an ordeal!


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Thank goodness you are ok. Take it easy when you start back. Don't overdo it and put unnecessary strain on your physical condition. Take some time from you studies to work on your health, such as a mild exercise program, relaxation, whatever your doctors recommend. Better to maintain your health than to risk putting yourself in the hospital again. Glad you are able to get yourself back together.

I am so sorry to hear you were so close, can you take the PN NCLEX in the mean time ? That would help to keep up your skills, glad you are ok.


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I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that after working so hard through school. I would take this time to rest.

God Bless, MIMI


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Gosh! that was horrible! Please be careful, I am hypertensive and I have to try not to worry too much. Nursing college can be very stressful. I am very happy to know that you are okay. You can do some NCLEX questions and read up on what you are supposed to take in January.

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