Wish me luck!

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Well I'm giving up and going to bed. Tomorrow is our lab practicum, random drawing on skills (various) and assessment (respiratory, neuro & integumentary incl. the neck w/ the dreaded lymph nodes). Also, everyone gets to do VS! Yipee! I'm feeling OK about it all. If I fail, I will get a one time only re-take Monday.

But, any good thoughts and vibes sent my way are appreciated! Once I pass this we get to *finally* start our actual clinicals next week!:eek:


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here's wishing you all the best! remember to stay calm.


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GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good luck! Don't panic, you know your stuff!!! :)

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Good luck! :)


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I passed!

I feel bad because my partner failed her BP. Those dual-head steth's are horrible and our instructor's BP cuff was just as bad. But, she let my partner use her own stethoscope to take BP and the instructor checked after her and she still wasn't getting it. Then I took my instructor's BP and my partner did too and still had problems. Sooo....she will come back on Monday. My instructor told her to go out and buy one to practice with this weekend and I asked if she could use the one she's buying and they said sure....so I wish her luck!

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