MATC-Milwaukee NCLEX pass rate?

  1. Hey,

    I was just admitted to the ADN program at MATC-Milwaukee for the fall. I'm REALLY excited to finally be admitted into a clinical program. However, it makes me a little nervous because I read and hear some ugly things about their program. Yikes!
    Does anyone know the NCLEX pass rate?
    Anyone in the program and like it? Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, should I brush up this summer on things like IV drip rates or A&P?

    Thanks everyone!

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  3. by   HollyGoLightlyRN
    Just curious how long did it take from the time you finished prereqs until you were accepted to the MATC nursing program?

    Congrats on getting in!!
  4. by   MilwaukeeRNstu
    I applied last semester and was turned down. So, this is my 2nd time applying and got in. Where are you in the process? Let me know if I can be any help.
    MATC can be kinda confusing and unorganized. :spin:
  5. by   studentoverachiever
    Hi Julian,
    I, too just got accepted and will be at the meeting Tues. I'm so excited to order the textbooks, etc. and get started. Do you know how they figure out who goes to what campus? I have no choice but to be patient, but have so many questions!
  6. by   MilwaukeeRNstu

    I know, I'm really excited too. I'm just wondering if I should brush up on A/P, Chem or IV drip calculations this summer in preperation for the fall. But I'm also thinking maybe I should just forget about school the next couple of months and have fun. Im sure the next 2-years are going to be SO busy.

    I didn't know some of us would go to Mequon and some downtown. If thats the case, I sure hope I'm going downtown, mequon is a long ways from Wauwatosa.

    Are you nervous? I am a little. I guess I just can't believe it's finally here! After all the pre-req's, electives and being turned down last semester, I thought it was never going to happen.

    Maybe I"ll see you in the fall! I'm sure i'm one of only a hand full of guys in the program, I should be easy to spot.

  7. by   monkeyloaf
    I'm starting MATC's nursing program in the fall too and am looking forward to getting to know my fellow students.

    Personally, I'm planning on reviewing my A&P, micro and patho stuff. I would be interested in reviewing with others who will be starting in the fall as well. I also may be meeting up with some of the students who just finished their first semester to get a preview of what to expect.

    Also, what instructors did you sign up for?

  8. by   MilwaukeeRNstu

    Lets see, I'm signed up for the following.

    101 (Fundamentals) online
    102 (Skills)
    103 (Pharm)
    104 (clinicals) at WI Veterans Hosp.
    I know absolutely nothing about any of the professors, I picked them at random. I wish I knew someone in the program who could give me the low-down on the instructors.
    I have all my books except pharmacology and i've actually started reading my Fundamentals so I can have a little bit of a head start. I wasn't sure if taking 101 online would be a good idea but I guess I'll find out.

    What about you?
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  9. by   monkeyloaf
    None of the students I talked to had taken any online classes, so I don't know how they are.

    Take care.

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    3. please do not give out personal information about others. do not name names where anyone could identify the person in any facility including your nursing programs.

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    Thanks for fixing this for me and for the reminder. I apologize for not recalling the Terms of Service.
  12. by   future_rn10
    OK--Everyone, I'm finishing my third semester at MATC and if I could give you guys any advice coming in to the program it would be KNOW YOUR MATH for dosage calculations! Very important!
  13. by   MilwaukeeRNstu
    Thanks for the warning! I'm taking a dosage calculation class in the fall (my first semester).
    Did you take any classes online? Just asking cause i'm taking fundamentals online in the fall and hoping I didn't make a mistake.
    Have you had to do any presentations? That has always been one thing I fear, is doing class presentations.
    Anyway, thanks for the advice.
    Good luck with semester 4!
  14. by   future_rn10

    I've taken all my theory classes online except for my first semester classes. My advice for taking an online class is to you follow the calendar for the class and keep up with your assignments and discussion boards. I haven't had to do any presentations in any of my classes.