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  1. MilwaukeeRNstu

    Waukesha County Technical College for nursing program?

    Yes, I'm in the program going into the 3rd semester. It took petitioning twice for me to get in. Some of the nursing instructors are great, it's just a really hard program for the majority of us. Of course there are a few who just do really well but for most of us it's a daily stressful battle.
  2. MilwaukeeRNstu

    Waukesha County Technical College for nursing program?

    Nursing schools in the area are becoming harder to finish period. You have to be TOTALLY dedicated and REALLY want to be a nurse. If not, I hate to say it, but you won't make it. MATC- Milwaukee only had 20% of their students make it through the RN program last year (from start to finish). If you fail more than 1 class you're out and if you get lower than an 80% in a class you have to repeat it. I know to someone not in the nursing program this sounds simple and you may have passed all your pre-req's with A's but Nursing school is VERY different, VERY different. It almost feels like they are trying to weed you out. It's truly the survival of the fittest and if you have too much going on in your life besides school, you won't make it. Honestly, it's not even the studying... It's the way they ask questions on tests. Always more than 1 answer right, but which one is MORE right. It is a big let down for many who think they want to be a nurse but for others who can endure the stress and agony, I guess it's worth it. I hate to sound so negative but nursing school REALLY sucked for me and most others who I got close to in school.
  3. MilwaukeeRNstu

    Nursing School Dilemma

    Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone was/ is in my situation and what they think about it. I'm currently in a 2 year RN program at a community college and just finished my 2nd semester. However, I didn't pass my L&D/women's health class by a couple of points and have to repeat it in the fall. In my program you have to get an 80% or higher in each class and can only repeat one class. If you have to repeat more than 1 class in the program you're out. Also, starting in the 3rd and 4th semester you have to pass the HESI with an 850 or higher in order to pass the semester. We took the HESI in the 1st and 2nd semester and I got a 785 in the first semester and an 825 the 2nd semester, so I didn't pass them either semester. I'm sure this is how most RN programs are structured but I'm really thinking that If I already have to repeat a class and haven't passed the HESI I should save myself the embarrassment and humiliation of being kicked out of a program and just retake the L&D class this fall and then take the LPN exam and be done with it. I really want to be a Registered Nurse but I feel like the odds are stacked against me at this point and I think it would ruin my self-esteem to actually be kicked out of the program. I really can't talk to anyone about this unless they are a nurse or in nursing school because other people don't understand how grueling nursing school is. Thanks for any comments.
  4. MilwaukeeRNstu

    I failed my class (BUT I FEEL GREAT)

    I know what you mean!! I'm in a ADN program and just failed a L&D/health promotions class in my 2nd semester. I am just SOOO happy It's over. It stressed me out so bad, that by the end, I was just happy it was over. I also did poorly in the beginning of the class but did better as the class went on and passed the final with a 85%. However, I needed a 90% to pass the class. So, I'll be repeating it in the fall. What sucks is if I fail one more class, i'm out of the program and I hear the last two semesters are rough. I'm hoping that L/D and womens health will be the most challenging for me because i'm a guy who knew NOTHING about this stuff prior to this class. OH WELL, I'll just try and try until its over (hopefully not) but if so, i'll go to another school. Good luck everyone!
  5. MilwaukeeRNstu

    MATC- Milwaukee failed class

    Has anyone ever failed a Nursing class at MATC- Milwaukee? Is it difficult to get in the next semester? This suck, how depressing!
  6. MilwaukeeRNstu

    Gay male nurse stereotype?

    I think there are more lesbians than gay men in nursing. Out of the 90 students in my 1st semester nursing class, 15 are men and 2 (including me) are gay men. And now, the other gay guy didn't make it through the first semester, so it's only me now. Nursing isn't cosmotology.
  7. MilwaukeeRNstu

    New LPN salary in St. Louis area

    Does anyone know how much new (just out of school) LPN's are making in the St. Louis area? Thanks for any info!
  8. MilwaukeeRNstu

    Horrified to start nursing school in Jan

    I think it's different for everyone. I just finished my 1st semester of RN school and it stressed me out really bad. I wasn't use to all the reading, exams, and quizes that they threw at me. And, you HAVE to do well and be prepared at all times. We lost about 15 out of the 70 students just in our first semester. For me, I had to make nursing school my TOP priority. All through my previous undergrad and during my Nursing pre req's, I NEVER felt stressed like that and did really well. However, we do have students in my program who don't feel overwhelmed and seem to be handeling it well, I'm just not one of them. :) However, I will start this next semester with a positive attitude and make the best of it. Just know that however you handle stress, you will have A LOT of reading and test taking to do and you must do well.
  9. MilwaukeeRNstu

    Madison MATC CNA Course info

    Review your CNA medical terminology such as TID, ROM, BID and basic math for calculating urine output. Otherwise, you'll need hand on with an instructor for learning how to change a bed pan or put on TED stockings. Good luck! You'll do great.
  10. MilwaukeeRNstu

    2nd, 3rd, or 4th semester MATC RN students

    Any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th semester MATC RN students out there? I made it through the first semester and it was tough! Any advice on the remaining 3 semesters? Also, I failed the HESI which we had to take at the end of the 1st semester. We needed an 850 to pass and I got a 785, but it doesn't count this semester but next semester you have to pass it in ordrer to move to semester 3. Does it get any easier in semester 2? The performance evaluations stressed me out so bad in the first semester, GOD! I'm glad those are over with. Thanks for any advice
  11. MilwaukeeRNstu

    Should I quit nursing school

    i'm becoming really unhappy and extremely anxious in nursing school (rn) and i'm unsure what to do. monday we have our last performance test on 2 skills and if we don't do them perfectly we're pretty much out and have to take the class again next semester. every week before we have these performance tests i can't eat, sleep and all i keep thinking about is how i want to quit. so far, nursing school has not been fun or something i look forward to, more like complete dread. i put so much into actually getting accepted into the program and almost 2 years of pre reqs, and now i want to quit. most all of the nurses who teach or who work on my clinical sites are completely rude and seem really unhappy. i'm really thinking i made a bad decision by choosing nursing. does it get better? i have 3 more semesters to go and i'm already sick, and i mean physically sick from this. my grades are good when it comes to taking written exams but i lack confidence in my clinical skills and i absolutely hate being critiqued and watched when i'm doing anything clinical (med pass, dressing changes, ect) i shake so bad and dread it when i know it's coming. i keep thinking, is it really worth all this stress and misery?
  12. MilwaukeeRNstu

    MATC (Milwaukee) RN Students

    Once, got in the second time.
  13. MilwaukeeRNstu

    Nln-pax Exam???

    All I can say is study your math! The NLN I took would not allow you to use calculators so you have to know how to work problems out on paper. Also, get enough sleep the night before, its a long test. And, REALLY practice the RN NLN pre-entrance exam book, the questions are basically the same. Good luck! You can do it.
  14. MilwaukeeRNstu

    MATC-Milwaukee NCLEX pass rate?

    Thanks for the warning! I'm taking a dosage calculation class in the fall (my first semester). Did you take any classes online? Just asking cause i'm taking fundamentals online in the fall and hoping I didn't make a mistake. Have you had to do any presentations? That has always been one thing I fear, is doing class presentations. Anyway, thanks for the advice. Good luck with semester 4!