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It's that time again when all us nursies with our million times a day handwashing routine begin to suffer. My hands are getting chapped already. I have always had dry skin and it gets terrible when that dry, cold air hits. I have tried every different handlotion under the sun. My current regime is Curel unscented between each handwashing at work. A tube in my purse when I'm out, and a tube of aveeno oatmeal lotion next to the sink at home. When it gets really bad, I grease my hands up with vaseline and sleep wearing cotton gloves. Oh, and I never expose my hands to the cold air unless I can help it. I bought myself a pair of wool-lined leather driving gloves 2 years ago and I love them.


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I'm only in school, but I never even thought about my hands being a problem as a nurse. Every winter they chap and bleed, and I live in the south.


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I've had dermatitis for many years. Some soaps make my hands itch, crack, swell and bleed. My husband used to hold them to keep me from scratching them all night long while I slept. (wasn't that sweet? :kiss )

I used 1% hydrocortisone cream a few times a day when my hands start getting irritated and it really keeps the worst of it at bay.


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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula.


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Good old Vasoline and white cotton gloves over night.


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Neosporin is great for dry hands and feet....I have used it for years when my hands are really chapped!!!


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I use bag balm and gloves at night. I use bag balm that I put in a little jar during the day. I used to think if I use very hot water I could kill those bugs, but its the friction not the temp of water that kills them. The other thing that has helped is triamcinolone cream. I big tube will last me for one winter.



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Make sure every drip drop of moisture is off of your hands before applying latex gloves. I mean completely dry!! This is a good year round tip. I thought I was developing a latex sensitivity until I tried this--no more red hands. Plus, apply lotion every night, whether you need it or not.


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It looks like we've tried the same things-I too use Curel unscented until my hands get really bad, then it's Neutrogena Norwegian formula off an on throughout the day. Night time sees me with udder balm (bag balm) in white cotton gloves.

Luckily I head south at least twice during the winter months and my skin gets a rest.


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I've used Eucerin and it is awesome, I think, for dry skin.


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I have psoriasis, so I've got my steroid ointment, when I remember to use it!! I use Neutragena and some other really good hand lotions at work, sometimes Lac-hydrin when I see my dermatologist to get a refill. Our infection control nurse is now telling us that petrolatum based products harbor bacteria under gloves, and can actually break down the he strongly suggest we don't use it!! That would be the end of my hands for me.....the stuff that work considers okay just doesn't work!! I've been using my own stuff anyway, no complaints yet.


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I use Crisco and cotton gloves at night on both my hands and feet when they get bad. An old derm Dr. told me that it was better than vaseline. Works great. No I don't wear gloves on my feet. Just cotton socks, the short kind.


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