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Will my bad GPA haunt me?

Hi everyone!

Before I start this, I need to give a little background. I'm 24 and went back to nursing school. My previous background is a BS in biology. However, my gpa was less than spectacular graduatingwith a 2.67, but I didn't think anything of it then, I was just happy I left with a great social life and a degree. Well, now I'm back at nursing school and I chose to do a hospital RN program because I couldn't get into any accel programs with my poor gpa. I am currently excelling at nursing school and have a 3.7 GPA and plan on getting my BSN right after online which will take about a year and then working in the ICU.

I recently have been shadowing a CRNA AND LOVE IT. I swear, I about got in my car and cried because I was like...THIS IS IT! Anyway, I've been looking at schools online and they say to submit ALL prior schooling...so my question is...is my 2.67 going to haunt me forever? Am I not going to get into school because of this? Any suggestions on what to do? I know I may be jumping the gun but I'd really just like to know if I know have to sadly look at alternatives.

Thank you!


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I have never had anyone ask for my GPA for a nursing job. The only ones who care about GPA are the learning institutions in my experience. I think they realize that once you are passionate about what you are learning you will excel. Good Luck with your goals

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Very likely, it will have some negative effects on which school will consider you as a viable candidate. A GPA that low, going into a very rigorous and science based program, will not be easy to overlook. I would even want you to bring yout nursing GPA above the 3.7 you state(3.7 would be fine, if not for your earlier academic record).

Call around to some programs that interest you and ask. Better to know before starting the application process if it is worrying you this much. And I agree with the PP, you should bring up that 3.7 if you want to be more competitive.

The question you need to be asking yourself, is not can you get accepted to a program. The question you need to be asking is if you can graduate from a program. Before you quit a job, take out loans, move across the country, etc, some honest and objective self-reflection in in order.

Nah. I had a 2.6 my first stint in college. 10 years later got all As in prereqs, 3.85 in accelerated BSN, really good GRE. Never was asked about the first bad GPA in interviews and was accepted to first school I applied to. I did address the first GPA in one sentence in my personal statement. Just something about maturing and realizing that my grades increased as I found subject that I was truly passion about. Be prepared to answer questions about it but if you have been solid since then you should be good.

Which schools ? Accelerated BSN programs or CRNA programs ?

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The CRNA programs are going to be most interested in your nursing GPA and your RN experience. Continue to do well in nursing school. Don't obsess over your original undergrad GPA. You can discuss that in your admissions essay. I also had a crappy undergrad GPA, but did well in my accelerated BSN and was accepted by 2 prestigious MSN programs.


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I Agree with the last posters that you absolutely can and should be able to get accepted into schools if you continue to do well moving forward.

Some schools will only consider the last 60 or so credits.

I was in a similar situation and was accepted to a competitive program and never asked about the previous grades. I also briefly addressed the issue in my personal statement.

Just focus on continuing to do well.

Please help me

THANK YOU all for your input so far! I really do appreciate it. Making me a feel a little bit better haha!

And sorry for those I confused, I'm talking about getting into a CRNA program :)

My GPA was 3.0 for Ugrad. 4.0 for pre reqs and 3.5 for accelerated BSN. My grades hurt me. Several interviews questioned me about it, even though it was over 10 years ago for the undergrad. At the end of the day I took an online masters level course and got an A, that helped. Also, get into the most critical of ICU's as possible. A cardiac ICU which deals with a lot of VADS, Swans, open heart surgeries, and devices such as ECMO, Impella, etc, would be most helpful.

There are also some programs that do a RN to CRNA bridge without a bachelors. Good luck!

Thank you! Yes I live in Pittsburgh- the UPMC hospital capital of the world haha so I have a ton of options ICU wise. University of Pittsburgh has an RN - CRNA program that I am looking into.

Thanks for the reply! :)


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There are also some programs that do a RN to CRNA bridge without a bachelors. Good luck!

Would you mind stating some programs that do this?

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There are also some programs that do a RN to CRNA bridge without a bachelors. Good luck!

Say what?!?!?!

Every CRNA program requires a Bachelor's degree either in Nursing or a science based field.

I completely agree Pres33! I had an undergrad GPA


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