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  1. BigPappaCRNA

    Jr. Male nursing student with a question

    Thanks. I never really look at the date. This came across my feed as a current thread. I did not give it a second thought that it was old. Who knows, the OP is probably onto a 2nd or 3rd career by now.
  2. BigPappaCRNA

    Jr. Male nursing student with a question

    You will need to get your grades higher, or prove that you can do good work by taking some upper division or graduate level classes. While your grades might be the same as other people who may have attended other programs, they likely had more, much more, experience than 1-2 years. Virtually any candidate can have one hole in their resume (GPA, Experience, GRE, Recommendations, additional classes) few if any will admit someone with two areas of weakness. If you were to actually get accepted to a program with your current grades, and lets say, just one year of experience, you really would have to ask yourself why they would do that. Did you really blow them away with your potential in your interview, or are they looking at you as a source of 50-150K and don't mind if you can't cut it and drop out, because they did not have clinical spots for all their students anyways. I am not trying to squash your dreams, but please do yourself a favor, and do all the work needed to be a qualified and effective SRNA, if you choose to go that route. Before you move, quit a job, spend your savings, get rid of your pets, etc, make sure you are set up for success.