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  1. BigPappaCRNA

    CRNA Application Essay: Discuss a Current Problem

    How about keeping it current. Expectations of some facilities that CRNAs actively work in the ICU due to the Covid crush.
  2. BigPappaCRNA

    Nurse Anesthesiologist Name Change

    To be clear, the profession did not change its name. The professional association for CRNAs changed their name. The AANA does not have the power to change the professions name. Our ability to practice is by state, and with our state nursing license. There will be 50 different opinions from them, plus, the NBCRNA will get a say in it as well. While the association changing their name is a good first step in the process, it is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are still on the first lap.
  3. BigPappaCRNA

    Direct-Entry MSN to CRNA DNP

    You will be able to practice as a CRNA with a masters degree for many, many years to come. However, this year is the final year that programs are admitting masters students. After this year, all admissions will be into DNP/DNAP programs, to meet the mandate to have 100% doctoral entry level by 2025. Your questions does not have a lot of merit at this point. Get your BSN, get your 3-4 years of quality ICU experience, and then enter a program.
  4. BigPappaCRNA

    Do CRNAs work mostly with COVID patients?

    This post has a very strong "troll" feel to it.
  5. BigPappaCRNA

    CRNA question for VCU

    My apologies. I did not see that you was a different person responding than the OP. My bad. As far as VCU, they are one of the leaders in the profession. You have a different opinion based on your interaction with their faculty and graduates than I do. Either way, the CV presented in the OP will not get an interview, sorry to say.
  6. BigPappaCRNA

    CRNA question for VCU

    Hmmmm....well lets see. I said some programs may all one to have one hole, and still be considered. Your CV is one entire black hole. There is not one single qualification that you present currently, that would even get you an interview, much less accepted. That is just a cold, hard fact. Speaking of which, if VCU is such a bad program, and only used to support and enrich the residents, than why are you considering it? I happen to know VCU is one of the top programs, because I interact with their faculty and graduates on a regular basis. I also know how well the program and its Program Director are regarded within the profession. Honestly, you need to listen more, and talk less. I have been in the profession for almost 30 years, and been in education for over 20 years. One of us knows what they are talking about, and one of us does not.
  7. BigPappaCRNA

    CRNA question for VCU

    As it sits right now, you have zero chance of getting in to VCU. Period. Sorry to be so blunt, but they are one of, if not THE premiere CRNA school right now. Some programs will let you get away with having one hole in your resume', but VCU is not on of them, it is just too competitive. You must get some good quality, current ICU experience, and you must hit a home run with your GRE score. Good Luck.
  8. BigPappaCRNA

    Calling out any exclusively NICU RNs who became CRNAs?

    At the very, very least, try moving to a busy PICU. But really, 2 years of Adult ICU would be best. Who cares if the school will accept the NICU experience or not, it will put you tangibly behind your classmates. Why would you want to make things even more difficult for yourself? There are some things that just can't be learned from a book.
  9. BigPappaCRNA

    Best ICU experience for CRNA school

    Big and busy, is most important. In a perfect world, Surgical/Trauma ICU with the best, but one has to take what they can get. CVICU is absolutely, positively NOT the best. It is generally one system. A busy surgical trauma, or mixed Medical/Surgical ICU with high acuity and variety is far and away "The Best". With your grades, I would urge you to get 3-4 years of good, solid experience, and you will find acceptances a lot easier to come by. Good luck.
  10. BigPappaCRNA

    CRNA school admission

    Don't apply. One year is really, simply, not enough time. As a Clinical Coordinator for 3 programs for over 20 years, I can tell you with absolute clarity, that we can tell who are the one year wonders a mile away. Your ICU experience is the foundation upon which your entire career will be built. Get some solid foundation. This is especially true if you choose a front loaded program, where you will be in the classroom for a full year, completely loosing the skills you were just starting to master. A spot in a class will still be there 2 years from now. Honestly, if you feel like you have learned everything there is know after 1 year in your ICU, than you are simply in the wrong ICU.
  11. BigPappaCRNA

    CRNA school with 1 year ICU Experience

    If you honestly feel that you have learning everything there is to know about your ICU in just 13 months, you are either in the wrong unit, or you are painfully incapable of objective self-reflection. While your stats are outstanding, and I have zero doubts you will get accepted to most if not all places you apply, I have to ask what is the hurry. Your ICU experience is the foundation upon which your entire career will be based. Put in an honest 3 years. You will not regret it.
  12. BigPappaCRNA

    CRNA: Will my stats qualify me?

    Most all applications can have one hole in them, if the rest is outstanding. You currently have two holes, both GPA and experience. Go spend the next couple of years being the very best ICU nurse you can be. Have four years for when you apply. You cannot do much about your GPA, but take a graduate class or two, and do well. Show that you are capable of actually doing the work.
  13. BigPappaCRNA

    CRNA needs shadowing experience

    I would contact CANA and ask if they can put you in contact with someone in your area. Keep in mind, it is far more difficult to shadow than back in the day. Lots and lots of places just don't allow it anymore for liability reasons. If you are still in the Oakland area, I would contact the CRNA program at Samuel Merritt University.
  14. BigPappaCRNA

    What procedures do CRNAs do regularly?

    If you work OB, most likely no lines. If you work in a surgery center, maybe no lines, but lots of regional. Do lots of trauma, you do lots of resuscitation. And on and on. Infinity variety. No right answer to this question.
  15. BigPappaCRNA

    Cleveland Clinic for CRNA School

    Also, the name of the hospital and its national ranking are completely meaningless. It is the quality of experience which you get, and skills you obtain, that matter. Nobody, except maybe other CC people, would care at all.
  16. BigPappaCRNA

    Cleveland Clinic for CRNA School

    Please don't get caught up on the Level 1 thing. It is the experience you are getting, not the designation, that matters.