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Wilkes-Barre/Scranton anyone?

Hello All, I was wondering if anyone is from in or around these areas. Im somewhat new to the area and just seeing whos out there from where. Thanks Jenna:)

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I grew up about 15 minutes away from Wilkes-Barre. When did you move to the area? I just left the area 1 1/2 years ago, but am still fairly close. (about an hour away) I hope that you like the area.

Hi, I'm from W-B and I'm planning on going to Wilkes for their accelerated nursing program ( only 3 semesters!). What are you up to?


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Parents have a cabin in Pocano's--spent lots of time in summers past in that area, especaily towns around Lake Wallenpawpauk. Love Hawley and Honesdale area. Make sure you are outfitted with winter gear. :kiss

That's cool. I'm going to ESU for grad school right now. Can't wait for the snow:)

GooeyRN, ASN, RN

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I honeymooned in the Pocono's. Nice area. The winters can be brutal in NEPA, thats for sure!


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I used to live in wilkesbarre until i moved to texas (hugeee change)

I went to college misericordia and worked at a hospital in Scranton, I didnt mind the area, it wasnt too bad.

I do have to say though- i am going to miss the snow!!!!

Enjoy PA and stay warm!

I live in Scranton now im going to Penn State Worthington/Scranton.Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or anything-Jenna

Hi there,

Just moved here from Michigan.. Working on my Second Bachelors Degree. Attending Marywood University and getting ready to start Clinicals this Jan. Best of luck to you.


Good morning PA nurses,

I am new to the allnurses.com and am finding this rather exciting....

I live in the NE Corner of PA. Milford to be exact. I do work in NJ. I just recieved my PA licience and am seeking employment in and around the area.

Looking forward to hearing from other PA nurses!


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I gew up in Milford :)

Did you just move there (you mentioned you just got your PA license)?

I hope you like Milford- its such a cute town :) Sometimes I miss it!


I actually have lived in Milford for 20 years. I moved here from California.

I work in New Jersey. Newton to be exact. I just obtained my PA lic. to pick up some extra work close to home. I have two children in the Shohola school.

How did you end up in Texas?

We have lots of snow here this morning! Great for skiing!

In January - I dont mind the snow....come February I will be wishing I was in Texas :)

What area of nursing do you work?



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I went to shohola as well for grades 3rd-5th.

Then Delaware Valley for the rest of school.

I ended up in Texas due to my fiance's job transfer. I dont mind it,but..

I Miss the snow!!! (and yes I mean this). I dont miss driving in it, but just the way it looks. This was my first christmas without snow (moved to Texas in Sept). And yes, I love skiing- I miss that too!!!

During the last 2 years of college I lived in WilkesBarre, was closer to my school. I worked at Community Medical Center, Scranton, on the peds floor during school and after graduation for 3 months. Then I ended up in Texas, and I'm doing Pediatric Private Duty nursing presently. Still wishing for a hospital job though- but since I'm still considered a new grad (grad. May 05) its harder to find a hospital job.

Where are you going to work in PA thats closer to home? I'm trying to think of some places..but im coming up blank. The only place I can think of is the health/wellness center?? right in town- I cant remember what its called..

Hello MeghanRN,

Hey, nice to hear from you!

I am hoping to do some work with "In Home Health" - visiting nurse. Per-diem with a flexiable schedule. They are located in the Milford Wellness Center. The main office is in Sparta, NJ.

I am finding the application/interview process is talking along time.

I also picked up an application for the Wellness Center. We shall see what pans out. I have the time during the day when the kids are in school but need to be available for after school activities. I tend to work at Newton just on the week-ends or will take call in the later part of the evening shift when my husband is home.

I wish you the best with your job. Hang in there. The right hospital will come along and snatch you up. Unfortunatly you usually have to be willing to work the off hours...Are you liking the private duty? Some good experiences there, I am sure!

Enjoy the sun! Soak it up for those of us up here in the NE corner of PA.

Hi! second year at LCCC. I will graduate in May. I can not believe it. I live in Exeter, PA. Grew up in Hanover Twp. right next to W-B. Any one have any advice on where to apply locally? Would like to stick around for at least the next year.

GooeyRN, ASN, RN

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I graduated from LCCC in 2003! Great program! You guys are lucky, you don't have to wear the ugly uniforms that I had to! haha. At the time I lived in Nanticoke, about 1 mile from the college. Do you have Dr. Chipego or Mrs. Robine? They are the best! Good luck to you! I worked at First Hospital Wyoming Valley in the child/adolescent units. (Very close to exeter) for a year after graduation. I didn't learn many skills per say, but a great experience and was treated very well. (Compared to the local hospitals and nursing homes) If you are interested in psych nursing it is a great place! I only left due to getting married/moving. PM me if you would like to hear about where not to work. I now live up more northeast in PA in the boonies.


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It's nice to know there are others from this area. I live right between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. I've lived here all my life, and in my middle age :D I really am ready for a change, if only Hubby and I could gather up the guts to move! (We are in love with northeast Tennessee!)

I am seriously considering moving to Milford, Pa- was just there today to check out the town- I did an immunization clinic up there and loved it. the people were very nice. the scenery was beautiful. and seems like a more affordable place to live not to mention the peacefulness. I presently live 2.5 hours south of Milford. How are the nursing opportunities up around there. I have both my PA and NJ license. I really want to get out of this Philly area, I can't stand it anymore. The property taxes here in NJ are killing us. and the attitudes- they practically throw your grocery bags at you and boot you out the door, you get the evil eye if you are slow loading up the grocery cart- totally rude.

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