Why do the younger generations have less empathy? And how can we stop them from going into nursing?

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JBMmom said:

Not everyone has the resources or ability to take care of elderly or disabled family members outside of a long term care facility.  Many homes cannot accommodate medical equipment or are not laid out in such a fashion that older adults can safely stay there. In my time working in LTC I encountered very few patients that were truly dumped there. The vast majority have family members that care very much and are as involved as they can be in providing the best care for their loved ones. 

THANK YOU! I was blown away by her ridiculous comment & was hoping someone would address it before I flew off the handle LOL.

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talk about broad stroking...you just painted 2 generations with negativity based on your interaction with an individual

I suggest some introspection and personal reflection rather than looking to blame others 

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RitzyCinnamonRoll said:

At my local college there is this blonde

Cinnamon Troll, it is a very Boomer thing to identify a person based on her hair color— and to assume that her hair color is somehow related to her personality. 

Also, as a millennial, I turn 40 this year. It's pretty silly to try to paint "millennials and Gen Z" as having some sort of fundamental personality flaw that makes us unsuitable for work, when we make up most of the workforce right now. 


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RitzyCinnamonRoll said:

During the quarantine on Twitter she mocked people who didn't wear masks and people who believed in Bill Gates microchip in vaccines conspiracies. She called not wearing a mask a form of "Social Darwinism".

She does not understand the concept of natural selection.  Not following the health care advice does not mean you should be winnowed out. Instead it is survival of the fittest...Those ADAPT to what nature throws at your way. 

Would she say premature babies should not be provided help with oxygen, circulation, assist with nutrition? She sounds very stupid independent of her hair color. Just ignore her..


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The gatekeeping is real with this one lmao