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Hi guys,

I know that I am not of the right gender to be in this forum (hehe). However, I had a question. I am doing a research paper on men in nursing and how it relates to salaries. I was wondering if any of you could tell me why you chose nursing as a career and if you think that men in nursing are paid equally as women. (Not trying to start a gender war just research )


As America transitions from a manufacturing economy staffed by an indigenous workforce to a multi-nationally run global economy staffed increasingly by foreign sources, it becomes necessary to adapt to the changing workplace environment. Historically, the professional class has provided the greatest degree of security against the various market forces. In other words, doctors, lawyers, and nurses do not have to worry about their jobs being outsourced and; what's more, because of the advanced level of education required to enter the professional class, we are relatively well shielded against the threat of cheaper imported labor that plagues the traditionally male dominated manufacturing and construction industry. Because of the prohibitively high investment of time and money involved with becoming a Doctor or Lawyer, it is only natural that many men turn to nursing. That being said, there is little doubt that many men, such as myself, also enjoy the spiritually rewarding experiences of providing aid to those in need. I am, of course, only speaking for myself. This was the basic thought process that led to my decision to become a nurse.

Thank you very much for your response, RC1! I was wondering if I could use any of your post in my paper about men in nursing?

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After many trips to big city ERs as a lad, I thought nursing to be exciting.

I took a paycut to enter this profession. I too, think there is a spiritual component to providing aid and care-

Thank you very much for your response, RC1!

You're welcome.

I was wondering if I could use any of your post in my paper about men in nursing?

Sure, thanks for asking.

I'm just a pre-nursing student, so I don't know about pay, nor have I done any researching relating to pay--of either gender. Not exactly the answer you were looking for, I know, but I can give you a lot more infomration about whyI choose nursing. :)

I went to the Dominican Republic shortly after graduating from highschool last summer, and I worked with a ministry there. We spent a lot of time helping with construction of the school, as well as pouring concrete floors in a few other homes in the bario.

Throughout the whole six experience, I was struck by the lack of healthcare these people had. One day I was walking with one of my leaders and translators, on the way to a home for lunch. We came acrossed an older woman, filled with love and thanks for us, but with bad cuts on her leg and toe because she had recently fallen. My pastor had sent me with all kinds of supplies - toothpaste, toothbrushes, extra clothes to leave there, and anti-biotic ointment. So, when we came back for dinner, we brought this woman some ointment. Over the course of the rest of the internship, I was able to see this woman's leg/foot start to heal. That really left a lasting impression on me.

I know it's cliche, and lots of people say it--but I just want to help people. That is my major motivation for choosing nursing. However, there are many other factors that have motivated me to walk this path towards such a wonderful profession.

Before I really did much research, a few years before I even considered nursing, my mom was the first person to ask me if I would consider it. I wasn't interested, and I believe I said it was boring, or something. But I was young and naive at the time. ;) Now my dad is remarried--to a nurse. So, I've got to see a much more inside view of the profession. I've now realized how many options are available, in terms of where to work, when to work, and the variety of work available. This has really sucked me in, since I am not one like doing the same thing day-in and day-out.

Secondly, the hours seem really cool. How many other jobs can you get 3 or 4 days off a week, working 10 to 12 hours a day? Also, not many people can say "I learn something new at work everday" or "today I made someone's life better," etc. This has really opened my eyes to what a wonderful and rewarding job nursing can be--and why *I* have choosen to be a nurse.

Not to put to fine of a point on it, I did it for the money. If pay was the same, I'd still be working and quite happy as a paramedic. In my exp. I have found the pay to be the same between the genders.

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I chose nursing because while I was an EMT I saw nurses do incredible things in the ER. I wanted to become a paramedic, but because of the large pay differences in being a paramedic and a nurse, I chose to be a nurse. I love nursing. I find it hard that some people only focus on the engative aspects of nursing and do not find enjoyment in it. I coul not see myself do anything else. Starting pay for male and female RN's is the same. I have heard, not witnessed, that men are often considered for managment roles over women.

Excellent post. I am planning on entering a nursing program in Sept, 07 and part of the reason is that I want to go overseas in the future to work as a missionary. It's good to have someone elses perspective on the need.


Tim - I wish you the best of luck...missions has a special place in my heart. Shoot - I'm hooked on it after just one trip. ;) May He bless and guide your way always, brother.

When I was younger (many many moons ago) I was an EMT and liked helping people and realty did want to become a nurse but the stereotype of men as nurses meant that they were gay. I guess I just didn’t have the nerve or confidence in myself to go and be a nurse anyways.

Then twenty odd years later my company took all their jobs down to Mexico or overseas leaving me with a lot of time on my hands and not a lot of money. I decided that no matter what I was going to be an ED nurse.

I couldn’t tell you about the pay but from what was offered me at some of the job fairs and what was offered some of the others it was close. The older students seemed to be more able to negotiate with the recruiters about the job prices, but then again we were the ones that would discuss raising the wages from “life experiences” while the younger students just wanted jobs. There was no difference in what we were offered man/woman just age. That was just what I saw and hope this helps some.

Good Luck on your paper

Shotsy !!!

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