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  1. timinchrist

    Info about Parkland

    Thanks, that'll help me to judge where I want to go when I relocate. Tim
  2. timinchrist

    Info about Parkland

    Since I've read much about Group One in Dallas and I am thinking about moving there, I was wondering if Parkland was affiliated with this group. Anybody give me some info? Thanks!
  3. timinchrist

    Any current WCCC students or graduates?

    I think the cutoff date for the fall semester is April 28. To apply you must have all your pre-reqs finished when you turn in your application. Once again, it is mandatory to attend the informational meeting for entry into the nursing program. Any questions you may have will be answered there. Tim
  4. timinchrist

    The LORD has done it for me

    All things good come from the Father of lights in whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning! Congratulations! Pray as if it all depends on God and work as if it all depends on you!:biggringi:D
  5. timinchrist

    What are you sacrificing to go nursing school?

    I have chosen to remain single and stay out any kind of relationship until I finish the nursing program.
  6. timinchrist

    Micro and A&P???

    Anything is possible but I'm taking Micro right now and it's tougher than either A&P 1 or 2. Micro is dealing with terms you have never heard of before and it is very detailed. A&P 1 you are familiar with the body so it is easier though still tough. Good luck.
  7. timinchrist

    WCCCD-Who applied for January?

    Congratulations! I'm happy for you!
  8. timinchrist

    z-coil shoes, foot pain gone

    Expensive, ugly and I could not do my job without these shoes. I have OA in my knees, and after two 12 hr shifts would spend the next day with legs elevated and ice packs on my knees. What's OA and they really make a difference in your knees?
  9. timinchrist

    Micro whining

    Micro is tough but I like the challenge. I used to get intimidated when I first read the material but now I just take it a day at a time and I understand it more and more the more I study it. The professor doesn't do all that great of a job explaining the material but I'd much rather have her lectures on the material than not. I'm aiming for an A in this class. I didn't know if I could do it in A&P I&II but I did. So, bring it on! :studyowl:
  10. timinchrist

    Tips for improving energy levels??

    Go to your local health food store they will carry it and take the suggested dosage. Another excellent product is Barleygreen. Both will give you an incredible energy boost and both are natural products. Royal jelly is from the queen bee and Barleygreen is the grain, barley. Tim
  11. timinchrist

    Tips for improving energy levels??

    I found that Royal Jelly, a nutritional supplement, works wonders. It'll give you energy that you can't imagine and it's natural. Tim
  12. timinchrist

    What is the hardest thing about Nursing school at WCCC?

    Generalizations are extremely dangerous. I am white and I have obtained a 4.0 average in A&P 1&2. But I have busted my butt in studying. Ignorance has no color but then excellence doesn't either.
  13. Since I saw this on the general post board, I thought I'd ask what is the hardest thing about nursing school at WCCC? Tim :wink2:
  14. timinchrist

    The look!!!

    If you look for the "look" you will find it. I am the commander of my own ship. Therefore, it really doesn't matter what someone else thinks. There will always be those who try to place their judgement on others.
  15. timinchrist

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hi! Lots of women here! So, I think I'll take this opportunity to say hi and I am a 52 y/o male just starting my pre-reqs and planning to be in the nursing program the fall of next year. Looking forward to the new challenges and I have already enjoyed reading the posts here.
  16. timinchrist

    Why Men In Nursing

    Excellent post. I am planning on entering a nursing program in Sept, 07 and part of the reason is that I want to go overseas in the future to work as a missionary. It's good to have someone elses perspective on the need. Thanks!