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  1. awilhelm

    Worth the money

    If you have any hearing problems this stethoscope would probably be worth the money. However, if you do not have any hearing problems, I would highly recommend the Littman Master Cardiology. It is most definitely worth the money and works really well. I even notice a heck of a lot of physicians using them.
  2. awilhelm

    Universal Healthcare

    I have read a lot of the posts in this specific topic forum. Most of you are very supportive of socialized health care. Some of you have turned this forum into a complaint department for insurance companies. BTW- "they don't care." I must add my my own opinion. In theory socialized health care would be wonderful; however, as Americans we can not take the step to socialize health care. We are a democratic country. We can not allow the country to dictate health care. The country miserably fail at providing this. Our country is failing in Social Security already. This country is not based on socialism. It just can't work. If we had socialized health care, taxes would be much higher. Most of us in this forum are nurses and should have insurance. It is nice and altruistic to lobby for social health care for our patients, but none of us would enjoy losing our money to taxes. I could spend all night offering arguments against socialized health care, but I am going to bed. I will leave with one question. Do we want to allow the government to manage our chosen career field. The government would surely cut corners and make our job miserable. Our pay would take a halt. Overtime would be cut back. Staffing ratios would be worse. Do we want an organization that feels that faulty wars are more important than feeding starving children in our own country to write our paychecks?
  3. awilhelm

    unsure what to think

    I know that we can not give medical advice over this forum. In lieu of that fact, I must say to you that if it doesn't feel right to you that she was released please educate yourself. Learn exactly what is going on in a patient with CHF. Talk to a physician. Find your own suitable advice. If the situation bothers you, please empower yourself.
  4. awilhelm


    The subspecialty of nursing that focuses on this very issue is Nursing Informatics. You can even receive a MSN in this field. it is also possible to get involved on a BSN level. There are several programs that are out there and are up to date with technology. I understand your grief over this issue. In fact, the computer charting at my hospital is easier to use without the mouse. This seems insane. However, you must realize that computer charting programs can not just be bought in the same way as a home office program. They are leased from the company that produces them. For this reason the cost of such programs are astronomical. Hospitals have to prioritize money in order of importance. Hospitals spend a lot of money to stay competitive in imaging equipment, recruitment, and building renovations. I would much prefer a pay raise than new charting. However, it would be great if there was an affordable 21st century charting program. If this problem really bothers you, I would suggest getting involved in informatics. The pay is competitive and as we move on to the future the demand for nurses that can help develop software will be great.
  5. I honestly did not read the 18 pages of complaining that followed this post. I am not saying that I agree with the Napa Valley School's use of ATI, but it is not as bad as it seems. These students had to score in the 50 percentile to graduate. This does not mean that the student has to score a higher score than half of the people that take the test. In statistics (which is what tests such as ATI use) percentiles are complex math problems. Being in the 50 percentile means that scored what most students did. Percentiles are based on a bell curve. Lets say that 100 students took a test. In percentiles, and based on a bell curve, we could approximate 5 students scoring in the top and bottom percentiles, 90% and 10%. These are not scores, remind you, but percentiles. A score of 50% would likely be in the 10 percentile on an average test. 8 students would both be in the 20 and 80 percentile. 10 students in both the 30 and 70 percentiles. 12 students in both the 40 and 60 percentiles. This leaves 30 students in the 50 percentile. This is an oversimplification of the way percentiles are used. Personally, I had to take the ATI tests and they were not that hard. The NCLEX was more challenging. I personally think that it is a bad move to use a standardized test to qualify for graduation, but it is not as bad as this post makes it seem. I, however, am certain that this school took up this policy to boost the success rate on licensure for nurses. This is not a good idea, in that is would potentially stop a few good people from actually becoming nurses. In the school's defense, i must say that since only two people in the class did not score in or above the 50 percentile. they are doing something right.
  6. So, are you any good at softball?
  7. awilhelm

    Change title of "Nurse"?

    I honestly think I like the title supreme commander. This truly could only be reserved for male nurses. It has a better ring than 'nurse'. I think that I am going to start signing my charting with AWilhelm, Supreme Commander. I wonder how long it will take anyone to notice?
  8. awilhelm

    Shift work and keeping fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dude, Nurses don't get lunch breaks.
  9. awilhelm

    Why Men In Nursing

    I chose nursing because while I was an EMT I saw nurses do incredible things in the ER. I wanted to become a paramedic, but because of the large pay differences in being a paramedic and a nurse, I chose to be a nurse. I love nursing. I find it hard that some people only focus on the engative aspects of nursing and do not find enjoyment in it. I coul not see myself do anything else. Starting pay for male and female RN's is the same. I have heard, not witnessed, that men are often considered for managment roles over women.
  10. awilhelm

    Epocrates vs. Davis

    I prefer epocrates. I just like the way it is interfaced. I have the full version that includes all drugs, labs, diagnosis, and a lot of little calculators and programs. It has all of the ACLS algorithms etc... I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  11. awilhelm

    Male + Nurse = Murse

    Timothy, WOW!!!!! That was brilliant! I agree with you 100% I hate NANDA. I hate that doctors don't read what we write. Can I quote you? We oughtta make a whole new forum somwhere and have what you just worte be the topic.
  12. awilhelm

    Consulting Agency

    Hello, I am a senior BSN and have asked a similar question in another forum and received some bad answers. We are supposed to do a business proposal on nurse recruitment and nurse retainment. Does anyone know any services that a conslting firm could offer a hospital that would help with retainment and/or recruitment of nurses. The other forum I did not ask from a consultign point of view and everyone said more money, adequate staffing. Well, adequate staffing is the problem I am trying to fix. You can't have a problem and say reversing the problem is the way to fix it. Aany help would be greatly appreciated. Anything a consulting agency could do to help recruit and/or retain nurses. Thanks
  13. awilhelm

    Business Proposal for School

    I know you are a retired RN and I commend you for being a nurse when it was difficult to be a nurse. Nursing salaries are pretty good, they are not as good as they should be, but they are good. I am not beign disrespectful in any way shape or form. There was a time when money really helped. It has been proven, however; in many studies, that pay has nothing to do with retention of nurses. If one hospital raises salaries, then all others follow suit. More is needed than just money. I would go to webistes and see what facilites are doing, but we are suppposed to be writing about a novel idea. Anyone have any ideas other than what has already been listed that would get you to stay at a hospital. Any benefits that you would like to have? Would having shared governance in the hospital help? Etc.
  14. awilhelm

    Need some advise...Please!!

    With sound thinking I would have to say that if the pt cut the foley tubing with a box cutter, the saline in the balloon would have drained. Thus allowing him to pull it out. If you say that it wsa intact I would say it was intact. The baloon was probably deflated, probably a 99% chance, when the foley was pulled out. You saw what you saw. If for some reason the foley was not intact and a piece was left inside of his urethra or bladder then it would just be a mistake. That is not negligent. To be neglegent you would have had to have a duty to act, and fail to do so. There is nothing for you to fret about too much. The one thing that I would worry about is that you are working for a hospital that would allow things like that ot happen in the first place. If a patient says no, gets a consult, and says no again and the physician orders versed and puts the foley in anyway, it is considered assault. Which is something to worry about.
  15. awilhelm

    How would you have answered this interview question?

    They interviewer understands that you are a new nurse, so please don't fret about possibly sayign the wrong thing. There are many other units in that hospital and every state has hospitals in pretty much every city. You learn by trying. Don't worry. I have answered some questions pretty badly and still had job offers.
  16. awilhelm

    Need a research article

    I don't know where you go to school, but every school library that I know of keeps a subscription to a few nursing journals including the American Journal of Nursing. Go to the library and check a couple out. You will find plenty. My universtiy has an online indeses to articles and you can view, via the internet, pretty much every medical and nursing journal via keyowrd lookup.

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