Why does the job process (hiring take so long)... I thought I had the job. Now I'm no

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My interview went very well. The interviews did a lot of nodding and and smiling and commented "great", "good", etc. I got a call the following day to come into shadow someone on the job to see if I'd be a good fit. She told me I was and told me she'd tell the boss so. My references were contacted. One told me she knew I'd get the job (because she said good things about me.) My other references couldn't really say bad things about me that I know of. LOL

Why have I not got a call back. It's only been a day but STILL.....what's the wait? I'm feeling nervous now and wonder if I'll be receiving a rejection letter.


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The title is supposed to say....Now I'm not sure.

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Only 1 day of waiting so far? That's too short of a time to make any judgments about. On the hiring end, there is paperwork to file, approvals to get, maybe a criminal background check or credit history check ... etc. The person who needs to sign a form may be out sick or on vacation. The people involved may simply have more pressing problems they need to deal with today.

They also may have other candidates they are interviewing and want to see them all before making the final selection.

None of those things is necessarily bad for you. They are all reasonable explanations for why the hiring manager did not call you immediately after you finished doing YOUR part of the application process. Other people need time to do THEIR part.

The longest I had to wait was about 6 weeks once as 4 other candidates were interviewd for a job I wanted (and got).

Good luck!

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You're looking for instant gratification? JUST WAIT.


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One day's wait is nothing. Bureaucratic systems take time to operate. I've had a few times in my life where I heard back from an employer months after I interviewed, long after I'd given up on them and moved on ... :)

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One day? Oh my.

Chill. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. No beauracracy works that fast.

I applied for a new job the same day that I lost my last one. That was 5 weeks ago and I only recieved my first offer today. If you are looking for sympathy because it has only been a couple a days, sorry to say you aren't going to find it here at least not with me.

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like others have said it takes time, background checks, reference checks, and plus the HR people still have their daily jobs to do.

Patience is needed just hang in there!


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Relax. It's a bureaucracy.

I once waited more than three weeks for a formal offer after a job hunt after two stellar interviews and being told with a wink "you're in" at the end of the second. We were under contract to purchase our house; if we didn't close on the mortgage soon we were going to lose it.

And this was in a *small* healthcare system.

The bad news is, you're going to have to deal with the suspense for now. One day is nothing. You're on someone else's time, and they already HAVE a job. ;)

The good news is, if it's gotten this far they are serious about you. There may be references to check, licenses to verify, paperwork to file, blah blah. Good luck! :paw:


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They may not have even finished interviewing all the applicants yet.


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Take a Chill Pill..........................

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