Why I chose to become a Nurse

Doctors may be the ones to diagnose and treat, but nurses are the ones that cure. I want to be able to touch someone's life just as some nurses have touched my life. I dream of becoming a nurse. One day I will be a nurse


I grew up in poverty, with just my mother and my little brother. Ever since I could remember I just could not wait to get away from that life. Growing up I had scarce parental guidance but I did have a close family. Especially with my grandparents! My grandfather raised me for the most part as my father figure. My grandmother was my rock.

Looking back on where I came from I am so grateful for what I have now.

My love for nursing came about in 2006 when my grandfather became sick. He was placed in the Coronary Care Unit and we all knew that he probably was not going to come off the floor, he knew he was not coming back home. My grandfather was coherent and aware of everything in his last days. On the other hand, being as young and healthy as I was, I could not say the same about me, for I was about to the lose the love of my life, my best friend. The nurses on the floor were the greatest people ever. They loved my grandfather genuinely and had the biggest hearts for our family. I remember asking him, while sitting on his bedside, if he was scared. He told me that he was not scared because he was ready, that he lived a happy life and he was tired and wanted to go home to be with God. After him and I said our last goodbyes and I left the hospital knowing that was going to be last time I saw him, I realized that his nurses helped lift a heavy weight off my heart and I was prepared for losing him. What really helped me deal with losing him was knowing that these wonderful nurses helped prepare my grandfather for passing over.

That's when I knew I wanted to do that for someone else.

In 2009 my grandmother became really sick and my family decided that instead of placing her into a hospital for the remainder of her life that we would keep her at home. I was the one who volunteered to quit working and stay with her. I had to make sure she was eating, sleeping, and getting around easily. I had to dress her and help her get in/out of the shower, and making sure she was getting on/off the toilet okay. She passed away a few months after becoming ill and that was really hard on me also, but I felt blessed having to been able to spend those last few weeks together.

This strengthened my love for the nursing field.

When I see the point in my life where I could have taken a different path that I did that lead me to where I am now, I feel pleased. At one point in my life I was a single teenage mother, recently split from my daughter's father, and not knowing where to go or even where to start. I chose to educate myself, signing up for school and working my butt off to get my Associates degree in Health Care Administration. I am currently working on becoming an LPN. Once I finish that I plan on getting a job and taking a bridge to become on RN, finally finishing off with getting my BSN.

I could not be happier with my life, especially when I see my little brother who unfortunately decided to take the opposite path than I did. It makes me sad to see him down the road of drugs and crime, in and out of jail every other month, trying to make a dollar, struggling.

The picture I attached is my wonderful grandfather dancing with his daughter, my aunt, at her wedding.

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Thank you for sharing your story. You are not only inspiring, but you are also aspiring.


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That touched my soul as a Nurse.. :nurse:

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That touched my soul as a Nurse.. :nurse:

Mine too....

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Great Story! Thanks for sharing!