Why havent't i gotten my results

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Please help.

I'm in a state of shear panic.

I went and took the NCLEX Thursday the 2nd with two other girls. They both got their results.

Why haven't I gotten mine? Would they have told me if I failed? I keep checking Pearsonvue Quick Results and I am told my results aren't available....I have done nothing but cry...please help me...


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Check continental testing...a couple of my classmates checked there a day after testing and it stated if they passed or failed.


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The way to find out why you haven't received your results is to contact PearsonVue regarding Quick Results or your state BRN. People on this site do not know why you haven't received your results.


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Thanks caliotter3..I will most assuredly not look to you for any help in the future. I understand that people on this site do not work for Pearsonvue...I was simply looking for some hand-holding. I sincerely hope that you do not ever go through a hard time and look for some reassurance and get the response that I have recieved from you.

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It is a holiday weekend, and before the holiday started, perhaps your friends' tests were able to be processed before yours for some reason. What the reason is, I don't know--it could be anything. I'd try on Monday, and hang in there!


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did u try the pearson trick?

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