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Why is everyone discouraging me from going the LPN route


Yes I eventually would like to become a RN but the I'm taking isnt getting me anywhere. I am juggling too many things at once (work, school FT , mom, family) and this will be my 5th year in school. I had to repeat classes due to problems in my personaly life, took a few semesters off and just have had an active life. So here I stand still trying to fulfill my dream. Been going in many different directions and now I am on the straight and narrow. So now I think the LPN route will work for me. I hate my job as CNA (coworkers) and desperately want a change while still supporting my son in the processs. But it seems like everyone is just saying, "why not go straight for RN" ...

I have the majority of my pre req's done for the RN and then some....

I tried that route and it seems like the LPN to RN route will wotk for me. I am 27 years old and I dont have time to waste. I have a 3 year old son and he is attending pre k in the fall, so I need to be there for him through his school years. SO why am I getting criticism on my decision. There are many ways to grandma's house, RIGHT???:confused:

The economy sucks for everyone, no matter what career you pursue at this time.




If LPN is the route you want to go, then fine. It is your choice and it might be a good one in that it can help you get accepted to an RN program. Just be aware that the science courses you have already taken might get past the five year recency mark and you might have to retake courses if you don't apply to RN school soon. Good luck.

Why not try for both? If you get in an RN program, great! If you get in an LPN program, great!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket!! Good luck : )


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Why not try for both? If you get in an RN program, great! If you get in an LPN program, great!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket!! Good luck : )

Very excellent advice. I applied for both and got in the LPN. I had my heart all set on RN, but God had other plans. And I'm very grateful to have been given the opportunity.

I totally understand where you are coming from. I think that we should be happy for anyone who is willing to pursue any level of education, and then go work and be a productive member of society. I salute you and am wishing success for you. Congratulations on getting in to LPN school.


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When people in the health care field hear that someone has decided to attend school they automatically think that person has decided to become a RN, I don't think we (I say we because I have found myself doing the very thing I'm about to describe) are discouraging that person from becoming a nursing assistant, medical assistant or LPN, but trying to get that person to shoot for a higher education in the beginning to avoid going back to school spending more money and time away from your family, but we should be supportive and respect what a person has decided regardless of what we think, our circumstances are unique. I too took the LPN route because I failed the RN program, I'm now a senior RN student at ASU, in the fall I will have to commute 4 days a week 4hours round trip, and by God's grace I will graduate in Dec 11'. I'm fulfilling my dream I took the long way to Grandma's house, but I'm going to get there, and you will too.

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Don't be discouraged. I got the " why don't you go straight for RN" too. My simple answer is : I want to make money and gain experience while pursing my RN. I had to do what was best for me and my family at the time. I'm glad I became a LPN first. It makes RN school a whole lot easier for one. While many of my classmates are working at hooters and olive garden I get to work as a LPN.

You sound like you are in the same exact situation as I am!! I was taking pre-reqs as well, but things werent working out because I had too much going on. I want to be able to focus on school. I have a 3 year old too. And my family is not supportive of this decision. But I have to take this leap into the LPN program because I feel that it's the best option right now.

I AM in the same boat as well,I have two more semesters before i would apply to the RN program, but I don't think I would be "top pick" because I've had to retake a few classes and now my GPA really won't budge because I have so many credits:crying2:. The practical nursing programs I have looked into just require you to pass an entrance exam and thats it. So that will be good for me and if I pass (the entrance exam) practical nursing school will probably be quite smooth because I've prepared (prerequistes) for a higher level of learning. I have a family of doctors and nurse practicioners, so you know what I have heard :banghead: but all of those family member went to school right out of highschool or had husbands who could take care of everything. My husband can't he leans on me!!! And no one is willing to take care of my children either so we all have to start somwhere and I hope that everything works in our favor,Good luck!

See that's the thing. We all have these people in our ear saying what we should or should not do. However no one is saying, I'll help you financially so you can go to RN school, I'll watch the kids for you, or anything of that nature. We all have to make whatever is the best choice for ourselves. We are a success whether we go to LPN or RN, or CNA school. I truly believe that. Be confident in your choice. At this point the only thing I say when people question my choice to go to LPN school is, "Because I want to". End of story. Best wishes everyone, we will do great.

I agree with so many of what others have said! I was in my third semester in a RN program and failed for the second time. I was so devastated. This happened only 3 months ago. I got back up on the saddle and now I have decided to go the LVN route, and then RN. Everyone has their opinions. I get them all the time. Nobody knows what is going on in our personal, financial, or family lives. As long as we reach our goal, that is all that counts. What you said is so true......the economy sucks! I don't know of one person from my RN program that graduated this last december that has gotten a job, so I feel like, why rush it?

Good luck! You can do it! :yeah:


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I know...

I start nursing school on May 31. The CNA's are supportive.

All of the RN's and LVN's at my job are telling me that it's 'a waste of time' and that I should 'just get my RN' and blah, blah, blah....

I mean - they're just trying to help. I understand...but - it's not a waste of time to ME.

I'll do LVN -> RN (finish pre-reqs) -> RN to BSN (Excelsior)...and finally, my Masters. I dont' have kids, or a mtg. I own my car so...no car pymts. This is my investment. This is my 'house'.

I just have to get on with a hospital that offers tuition reimbursment and it will all have been worth it...

Besides...I'm going the diploma route because I can see the 'light' at the end of the tunnel. I need OJT. Let us not remake the wheel, here.

Just teach me a trade and put me to work.


I have a friend who is working on her speciality right now. She's a doctor.

I am proud of her, but, she's been in school for 2 decades!

Now, there's no way in hell that I'd go to school for 10-12 more years AFTER I just finished up the initial 12!


If I could, I would. I'd go to med school and what have you. But, I have to attend traditional school in increments. I'm not built for school. I don't love 'learning' everything and, while I am doing it, I hardly have the stamina for a 4 year degree.

In my opinion, a lot of people have negative things to say because they have had negative experiences. I think if you have the drive and motivation, you can make anything happen. I read on here all the time about there being no jobs in California for LVN's etc etc, doom and gloom, doom and gloom. I have a handful of friends I can speak of off the top of my head who are recent (within the last few years) LVN graduates. A friend, LVN, new graduate, working full time at Rady Children's Hospital CCU. How in the heck did that happen? I have two other friends, LVN's graduated a year ago, one working in assisted living doing VERY well, one working for a drug rehab center, ALSO doing very well. Wow..but I thought NO ONE was working? Each of my friends has encouraged me and have told me they are not having trouble finding jobs...and are VERY happy with their decisions. I understand this is a rough economy, but where there is a will there is a way. I know it's probably competitive out there...But personally I don't like hearing people discouraging others from an education because "in their experience", there are no jobs. I just can't believe that each of my friends are lying to me.


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People are always going to judge the choices you make. Do what's right for YOU. There is nothing wrong with going for your LPN, whether you plan on going on for your RN after or not.

I'm an LPN student and I get the same thing all the time.. the funny thing is, everyone always asks, "Why would you want to go for your LPN? You can only work in nursing homes.." And they have nothing else to say when I tell them I WANT to work in geriatrics. :)

I do plan on going back for my RN eventually, but this was the best decision for me at this time.

Everyone wants to put their 2 cents in but what the dont understand is that it doesnt matter. If the route you are going is good for you then run with it and forget everyone else. Do what works for you and your son. COngratulations on your acceptance be all that you can be and then you can move on later if you want. GOOD LUCK! Either tell them to mind their business or tell them thank you for you opinion but it works for me.


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I know how you feel. It sucks having to feel like you have to justify your decisions to friends and family! I am going through the same thing right now. I originally thought I was going to get accepted into an Accelerated BSN program and HA that didn't happen! I got refused to ADN programs and put on several waiting lists. I think people just don't realize how difficult it is to get into an ADN program. My family saw what I went through and luckily I gained their support on my decision to get my LPN first. Recently, I have met several nurses, some of which who are my teachers who said that getting their LPN first was the best decision they ever made. Don't let anyone bring you down! In my experience so far, I LOVE my LPN program! I am learning so much and so fast. It excites me about my nursing future! Hang in there and know that you are making a GREAT decision!


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As I tell my children, there is usually more than one way to do something/achieve a goal. Others do not live our lives, we do. Do what your heart and soul desires and requires.