Who offers a 3 year BScN degree? (Canada)


I know that BCIT offers it (it's a yearlong program with no summer breaks), are there any other places that offer a program like this?

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Vancouver Community College has a new 3 year RN degree.


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Winnipeg MB has a 3 yr program at red river college, as well as Thompson, and from what i've heard from friends up north its extremely laid back. This is the first year WPG will offer a 3 year BN program... they got rid of their LPN, RN, and accerated RN programs!


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University of the Fraser Valley Chilliwack BC. That is where I am trying for.


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The University of Alberta offers a BScN program that lasts for 2 years. You need to have a diploma before entering or some other bachelor's degree, I think. It crams 4 years into 2 and I hear it is A LOT of stress trying to cram everything in in such a short amount of time. This means a full course load during the spring and summer terms as well.

I just checked the site and apparently, they are only accepting admissions until next fall (sep 2011). After that, there will be no more new students. My guess is that this program failed spectacularly.

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Where are you? I am in Abbotsford.

University of the Fraser Valley Chilliwack BC. That is where I am trying for.


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I live in Chilliwack, I love UFV. The teachers are so great.

Where are you? I am in Abbotsford.


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University of the Fraser Valley based in chilliwack has a 3year fast track BSN program. (It is 6 months shorter than the full 4 years), and you go through summer. (I am currently in my 5th semester :) there


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Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON offers a 3 year BScN.

I, myself, took the 4 year program but had many friends take the 3 year one. Any questions feel free to ask :)



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Hey tk0224, do you know the admission requirements for getting into Lakehead 3 and 4 year program?