Who Has Been Accepted to Macomb's Fall 2010 Nursing Program?

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Specializes in Surgical/MedSurg/Oncology/Hospice.

Start August 2010 = graduated May 2012

Start October 2010 = graduate October 2012

Start January 2011 = graduate December 2012

Start March 2011 = graduate March 2013


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Thanks NBmom. On that note, I was #151 out of 159. I would L-O-V-E a January start for a few reasons, but figure that I'm obviously slated for March. Does anyone think that there is a LITTLE hope that I would be able to start in January though? Maybe? Reality check/advice/info would be great....


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I want to say congratulations to you all. You have no idea what you are about to enter. You will learn so much about yourself and what you are capable of over the next few years. Don't always listen to what everyone says about the program. There are a lot of rumors about how hard it is, but seriously if you put the time in it really isn't that bad. I'm not saying it's easy, but don't let anyone scare you into thinking you are going to fail. If you wanted this bad enough to get into the program, you will be able to get through the program. It is definitely a ride, so hold on tight and enjoy it. I'm just finishing my first year and can sympathize with you and the feelings you are having. If you need any advice, please ask and I will be happy to share. You're program will be a little different than ours because they just changed the curriculum, but I'll try to help in any way possible. GOOD LUCK and ENJOY THE SUMMER!!! You will be stuck with reading and assignments very soon. Be prepared to spend the last few weeks of summer vacation reading. And be prepared for the phone book sized stack of papers you will soon be picking up. It will seem intimidating, and you may cry (I did), but don't worry....it's a great opportunity and you'll be just fine.


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AAWWW....thanks for the advice. How encouraging it is. I can't wait for this ride. I am so excited and have been wanting this for so long. My friend is just finishing her first year also and she says the same things you did. If it's your desire, you will succeed but that it's definitely a wild ride :)

Good luck in the rest of your journey and thanks for the support.:yeah:

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