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Which is a really good content review course?


I don't really like saunders cuz the questions are too easy.

I don't wanna spend to much on a review either as I am broke.

So far the best BOOK for content review is Saunder's 4th edition and i suppose you already know strategies in answering questions so you won't be needing the Kaplan strategy book? :)

As for the practice questions, the CD that comes with the saunder's i believe has 4000+ questions and i believe not all those 4k questions are easy, some are also complex questions. Same with NCLEX 3500 Q&A, it's basic but some are also complex. Kaplan is very good since questions are in the NCLEX level, but as you've said you're financially challenged..:)

Try browsing old threads about what's the best practice questions since i have'n't tried other review materials except what i have mentioned above. :)

People usually speak well of the Kaplan course.