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  1. the.godfatherXIII

    Davies Q & A vs ExamCram

    I tried the Davis Q&A and I somehow got ****** with their software. There are a lot of typographical errors but the review material is good for practicing questions. I know someone who said the same with Exam Cram, it has typo errors too. I guess all softwares are not perfect. Also I heard that the material is good too. Have you tried Lippincott's?
  2. the.godfatherXIII

    Dont want to rely on this

    That is the good pop-up that I got after checking PV. I took mine at California BON and after 3 days, I saw my name on their website. Relax you just passed the exam. :hrnsmlys:*wine:hpygrp::ancong!:
  3. the.godfatherXIII

    tested for RN today and I am feaking out now

    If you got this pop-up in the PVT; Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time. That is already a good sign. I took the exam last 1/26. I got that pop-up. On the 28th, I saw my name in the California BON website. So the PVT works. I hope what I shared lessened your anxieties. :) Relax you passed!
  4. the.godfatherXIII

    When in doubt....believe in the PVT!!!

    1. Saunder's Comprehensive Review = 100 questions/day 2. LaCharity P.D.&A = 2 chapters/day. The Case study section is up to you if you want to answer it, but for me the first 21 chapters where sufficient. If you finished it, do it again in a later date. 3. Get supplemental questionnaires. Pick 1 from the ff: Exam Cram, Lippincott's, Davis Q&A. 4. Do some flash card of topics you forget or you think is important to know like S&S of Hyperthyroidism, difference of gastric ulcer from peptic ulcer, basic ECG dysrhythmias + it's interventions (drug of choice, CPR, cardioversion?) and if possible, draw what the rhythm look like. After making some flash cards, read them with understanding after your review. This is what I did and it really helped. These will be your fundamentals to cover those "simple questions" in the real exam. And you need to get those "simple questions" right in order to get those priority questions.
  5. the.godfatherXIII

    2 nclex attempts in three years

    :ancong!::hpygrp:*wine Feels great right? =) I just saw my name too in Cali BON website.
  6. the.godfatherXIII

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    this is for the record. i am a living witness of the trick. :) as long as you got this pop-up, 'our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time.' that means you really passed. it is true. i applied in cali bon and i get to see my license # on their website after 2 days.
  7. the.godfatherXIII

    When in doubt....believe in the PVT!!!

    Ow yeah! It is true indeed!! I also took mine 1/26 @ 8 AM. It is done! Review days are over!!!!! Tears tears tears!!! (T_T) Congratulations to you by the way! :)
  8. the.godfatherXIII

    2 nclex attempts in three years

    wow so you took the exam again. so how was it? BTW, what was the exact message that you got, is it the 2nd statement from the PVT thread?
  9. the.godfatherXIII

    i HATE waiting for NCLEX-rn results

    Try to follow the simple instruction on this link that i will provide. :) https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/pearsonvue-trick-part-403722.html
  10. the.godfatherXIII

    Near Passing Standard on NCLEX

    Having near passing standard means it is not within the competence level that the adaptive test is looking. I had results like this before. Although it is good to study your areas of weakness, I suggest you still review or give attention also to other areas. Basically, back to zero. Start all over and review like you never took the exam. 1. Study content more. Make flash cards to topics that you forget or want to compare. I used Saunder's for this. 2. Davis is good but during my review some questions and rationale have wrong info on it. So I'd suggest get other material for your supplemental questionnaires. Try Lippincot's or Exam Cram. 3. LaCharity is a MUST. If you don't have it yet, acquire it now. It helps a lot in preparation for prioritization and delegation questions. I have a lot to say but those 3 are the most important as of now. If you would like to know more, just send me a message. :)
  11. the.godfatherXIII

    i HATE waiting for NCLEX-rn results

    try the PVT. It's in the sticky thread on top. California doesn't post license number 24 hours after your exam date. From what I heard, it may take 3-4 days before you can start checking it and it doesn't mean you failed. As for the official result by mail, it can take 1 week to 3 weeks. So my advice is hang in there and if you haven't tried the pearson vue trick, try doing it now to ease your mind a little bit. Hope this helps.
  12. the.godfatherXIII

    Good Pop up!!

    yap that's the one. just to make sure cause i got the other pop-up before and i thought that i passed but only to find out that it is the "pseudogood pop-up".
  13. the.godfatherXIII

    Study mode in Saunders

    Yeah i got your idea. I just wish the software developers would use there creativity further. It is what I also like, where you get random questions and all answered questions will not show in your next practice. So far kaplan has this setting. But for all the CD based review materials, haven't seen one yet. About the pharma questions by subject, I have observed in study mode that they also come out with the same subject. When you observe that you are all answering questions about GI system, expect that some meds for GI will show up. But then again, some will appear but not all.
  14. the.godfatherXIII

    Good Pop up!!

    Can you post here the actual message from the pop-up? :) Just trying to make sure it is the right line. :)
  15. the.godfatherXIII

    Study mode in Saunders

    I tried study mode for saunders where you answer all those 4000+ questions. Unfortunately there is no other way. But if you want, try bookmarking. Though it will still be the same, not random.
  16. the.godfatherXIII

    Pearson vue trick is correct...!!!!

    Thanks for clarifying this Silverdragon. Since other fellows here might get confused as to which of the two is the true one.