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I need help. I am so confused at what college to pick for the nursing program. I have taken some courses at Macomb but my eng class is from 15 years ago. So I don't know what credits they still would accept.

Which programs do you feel are better? I went to Baker today and I was told that I did not have to take ENG 101 now after reading many posts I am finding that they do count. After reading the reviews I am not so sure now Baker is any better. I did like the fact that the classes are only 10 weeks. Is the Baker program any shorter than Macomb?

What are the pro and cons to OCC, HFCC, MCC, St clair community college and Baker.

Baker is so much more than Macomb I thought I had it figured out but now I am just more confused. Should I go to each college in the area and check out the programs?

I also like the fact that I would not have to take ethics, pe, religion classes at Baker.

Thanks Nicole:confused:

I can only comment on HFCC. It is a waitlist school, not competition. They accepted my credits from around 15 years ago. You don't need t take pe, ethics or religion to get into the program. you do need english, bio, chem, anatomy 1&2, psych and sociology.

I think you should look at each program a weigh the pros and cons and see what fits you best. Do you want to rely on competition to get accepted, or is a waitlist more fitting. how far are you willing to travel? adding drive time to class time does add up especially if you work during the day and take night classes. do they have a good amount of night prereq classes if you need them and is the program only days. how many do they admit each semester, and is it only one class a year. And I think the most important is cost, can you afford a higher tuition or do you need to do community college and work some. I have had to take out a fair amount of loans and they add up quick, I still have almost 2 years and the amount I will owe will be quite a bit.

You may want to go to each school and talk to someone and see what they say. Good luck in what you decide.

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Baker's program once the pre-reqs are finished is 50 weeks long (5-10 week quarters.) MCC's program has less pre-reqs, but once you are in the program, it lasts for 64 weeks (4-16 week terms.) If you are just starting out, then MCC's program would be the first you could possibly get into (btwn the 2). But if you have most of Baker's pre-reqs done, then Baker is the quickest.

Baker would use your comp 1 grade from another school if you transfered it over, if not you definitely need to take it. If you have an A in the class, I would just have it transfered over. Make sure you only transfer to Baker few enough that you do not lose a bonus point.

I hope this helps!

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HFCC is the greatest! I have been to a couple other schools taking prereqs and ended up at HFCC and I have absolutly no complaints, they took all my transfer credits without a blink of an eye!

At MCC the preqs are changing, and new applicants will be judged based on scores in them as well as their HESI (pretty easy test). I'd try to go to a community college unless you have cash to blow :)

At MCC the preqs are changing, and new applicants will be judged based on scores in them as well as their HESI (pretty easy test). I'd try to go to a community college unless you have cash to blow :)

This is a really important point!

The ranking for MCC's fall '10 program will be completely different from this years (fall '09). They will be basing your admissions on A&P, microbiology, and one other class I can't quite remember at the moment, instead of your most recent 12 credits . Their HESI will also include an A&P section, in addition to reading, math, and grammar.

It's english...either 1180 or the other class that is compairable. I just started Macomb's program this week. Everyone seems nice and the staff seems helpful, but it is a lot of work! Much more reading then I have ever done before(I should be reading right now actually instead of being on here!). Whatever program you choose to pursue just be ready to focus and work hard, very hard. Best of luck!

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