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  1. ToxicShock

    Acne laser tx - effective?

    I'm allergic to clindamycin unfortunately, and I my acne problem isn't so much with the break outs, but with the red marks/scars that it has left behind. Thank you for the suggestion though :) @whiskeygirl - I'll take a look at the Dermatology Nurses Association. Good call!
  2. ToxicShock

    Acne laser tx - effective?

    Does anyone have experience with laser treatments for acne? Specifically to treat red marks and large pores? What have you found to be most effective? What are some good websites that may lead me to greater information? As a stressed-out pre-nursing student, mine has flared up significantly with large cysts and dark red marks (some of which have been here for years!). I am looking into various ways to treat it, and also to learn a little bit more about how acne works. I am hoping to arm myself with a little bit more knowledge so I can make my own educated decision on what the better options are. I have done some Googling, and found some legitimate information, but for every good resource, I've found MANY bad ones: mostly from plastic surgeons' advertisements and propaganda, which is NOT helpful and further confuses me. I feel like I cannot get an unbiased yet educated answer from any dermatologist. Many try to pump their own products and sell you a lot of (sometimes ineffective...and expensive) treatments, and care little about your results. Websites such as Acne.org have been somewhat helpful, but MANY of the posters on that site have some really ridiculous "cures" for acne: anything from drinking an "unknown Chinese herbal potion" to urine therapy (no joke). A poster there gave a negative review on laser acne treatments by saying that he had "cellular necrosis" 3 years after he got a laser tx. Uh...what? I saw a dermatologist's website talk about a "Pro-Lite laser facial rejuvenation therapy", but I can't find any corroborating information about it's efficacy. (Odd.) What websites would be best to track down this kind of information? There's so many options, and I can't seem to narrow down what's bunk! All of this has made me very interested in a dermatology specialty when I (eventually) graduate because of how it hits home, but if there's no hope for acne and no good treatment, maybe I should consider psychology instead! Anyway, thanks in advance! :)
  3. ToxicShock

    Can I get my BSN any faster?

    You're 18 - what's the hurry? lol
  4. I ALWAYS said that I was a pre-nursing student. It drastically shortens random conversations with people, and provides accurate information. If you claim you're a nursing student when you're not, that just opens all those other questions of what year are you in, or how much longer do you have to go, etc. Just be honest and don't confuse people! lol Now that I have been accepted into a program, however, I'm wondering what would be the "right" thing to say now. Am I a nursing student, waiting to start? I don't think I'm a pre-nursing student anymore; pre-nursing tells me that one is taking pre-req classes, but I'm done with all that now. Maybe just saying that I'm a nursing student, just waiting to enter the program? That IS accurate, after all, and doesn't make me sound pretentious I don't think. Advice?
  5. ToxicShock

    Moral/Ethical Advice

    I think this is the best written piece of advice here, along with a later post by rn/writer. Instead of the knee-jerk, playground-mentality of "-gasp- I'm telling!", the so-called cheater should be addressed directly, and not behind her back. Treat her like an adult, despite her arguably childish behavior. Tell her that you are uncomfortable about what she has just told you, and briefly explain why. Let her know that you may have to report her, pursuant to the student code of conduct (or whatever is the governing body here). OP, this is weighing heavily on your mind. Whether you're jealous or not, accurate or embellishing, it's obviously causing you grief. As adults, I believe that issues and situations that make us uncomfortable need to be addressed in an adult manner. You are upset, and you should tell her. Maybe this girl is doing this as a cry for attention; maybe being told, "hey what you're doing isn't cool - you could get kicked out for that" will help her put things into better perspective. To me it's like following the chain of command: you deal with what you can directly, and then keep going up until things are resolved. Harsh judgments on her personal and moral character need not apply; no one knows for sure what her reasons are for what she is doing - or if she's even doing it.
  6. ToxicShock

    Crazy things independent pts have asked of you?

    Oh, these stories are hilarious! Keep 'em coming lol
  7. There seems to be a lot of judgements being cast on BOTH sides here: those complaining that nurses who are in it for the money don't care about nursing, and those who dont factor in a salary are Saint Bleeding Hearts. What's wrong with wanting good pay AND a desire to help others? A lot of you act like these things are "wrong", and that someone cannot possibly want both. But there are many of you who ARE both, which is fantastic, and proves all these generalizations WRONG. I don't understand the polarization on this topic. Who cares what other people do with their lives? Honestly! lol If anything bugs me on this topic (though somewhat off topic), it's those who enter nursing school with visions of grandeur, and then drop out. That's a seat someone else - who would have succeeded - could have had.
  8. ToxicShock

    Ever had to take care of someone you knew and/or didn't like?

    This is a good point. You may even have to take care of a jerk, only to find that they're behaving that way because they're sick and miserable... and nice as pie when they're healthy!
  9. ToxicShock

    OU ABSN Interviews for May 2011 Cohort

    I've heard of loooong wait lists like this before, but I'm curious how many people will REALLY wait that long. There are many people on this forum alone who do not want to wait that long and are already pursuing other opportunities, which ultimately leads them to drop out and free up spots in the program(s). My guess is that advisors tell applicants this extraordinary wait list time so that they aren't given false hope; if advisors say "it's a 2 year wait" and it ends up being longer than that, that might be enough to deter applicants from that school entirely. But if they say 5 years, that may offer some kind of "realistic" expectation. But I digress. So - does anyone know of someone who has actually waited the FULL wait list time? (For any program with a wait list, that is.) It's an interesting statistic to examine. Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack the thread. I wish everyone the best of luck in getting into a program!
  10. ToxicShock

    Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    I don't mean this to sound snotty, but because of how strict the HIPAA laws are, what situations are you allowed to talk about patients in? Amongst only certain co-workers? Can you talk about pts with a priest or therapist?
  11. I really wonder how many people who are against the health care bill have insurance already. I'd bet that the majority of them do. I wonder how many of them know what it's like to be unable to afford health care, and get denied Medicaid because they "make too much" but not enough to afford a private plan. I wonder how many of them have chronic medical conditions that require daily medications and frequent specialist visits. I wonder how many of them have lost a loved one because they couldn't afford proper care, or even preventative care and got ill as a result. I got a letter in the mail last week that denied me Medicaid. I don't have a job and there is no way I could afford to pay for a health insurance plan. I am one of those people who have chronic medical conditions that need constant care. Why was I denied if I am so poor, you ask? Because I have over $513 in my bank account, and I don't have any children. I just spoke to my case worker yesterday, and she told me this, so I'm not pulling this out of my rear. I have more than $513 because I have tuition refund money in there, which I use for school supplies, gas, car repairs, etc - anything and everything that directly affects me getting to and from school, and being successful in it. I told her that it's tuition money, only used for school and she said, "it doesn't matter, the state still counts that as income." She suggested that I take out as much financial aid as I could in order to cover my health care. Are you serious? What a terrible and irresponsible answer to my problems. Thankfully I qualified for an adult benefit program which covers my meds and doctor visits (but no surgeries or extended hospital stays. What?). This is a government program and according to some, it doesn't work. And they're right - it's messed up. But the answer to why it is so messed is this: the only people who are on these programs are poor, and nobody gives a damn about the poor. That's obvious, given a lot of the responses here. They are the dregs of society that get what they deserve because they don't work hard enough, make poor life decisions, and pump out a ton of kids so they can get welfare and food stamps, right? There are so many misconceptions and downright lies about the poor that not enough focus goes into caring for them. But now that so many people have lost their jobs and are becoming poor - oh! NOW people care. Thank God everyone else is poor because now those who have been poor for far longer are finally going to get some care. Another interesting point is the frequent comparison of our "care" and Canada's. For every person that says Canada's system sucks, there's a dozen more who say that it works perfectly, so that's a moot point. There are always going to be people who like and dislike something. What we should look at is how effective these other programs are based on statistics and research, not empirical evidence. As directed by the mods, I do not wish to enter a debate with anyone here. I have read each and every response, and liked some, disliked others. I have read everyone's posts with an open mind, blocking all terms of "Republican" and "Democrat" from my thoughts. I think everyone, from both sides, have brought up a lot of good points and I'm glad that we were able to have a civilized discussion (most of the time! :rotfl:) We'll just have to wait and see what happens, do what we can to fix what we dislike, and hope for the best! My .
  12. ToxicShock

    Ignorance is bliss

    I absolutely agree with this 100%. I hear this from family all the time, and it's irritating. I have told them to not believe what the media keeps saying about nursing because it is not true; the nursing shortage has been blown out of proportion, in some states more than others. I'm also sick of hearing about the "big bucks" nurses make. Uh, really? I don't know from personal experience if this is true or not, but from what I have read here, it's not really that much at all. I have heard that most nurses are paid around $15/hour? In the scheme of things, that's not really that much. Anyway, I'm sorry your husband lost his job I hope that you both find something soon. Best of luck!
  13. ToxicShock

    Telling relatives the patient has died

    Not to bump an older post, but I just have to say - wow! How in the world did you manage to keep your composure? I was choking up just reading that! Also wanted to offer my condolences to those who have lost their relatives, children, parents. :hug:
  14. ToxicShock

    I Have a Bad Feeling About This Student - Am I Over-reacting?

    Yes please! I hope everything worked out!
  15. ToxicShock

    I Have a Bad Feeling About This Student - Am I Over-reacting?

    i can't believe the school is turning their back to this. obviously this boy is not an isolated incident of abuse, as other students are getting it too. (i'd say what you described is above and beyond bullying at this point.) i think it's high time you get the law involved. the school just doesn't seem to give a damn, and that is not right. you have already done so much for this boy already, it's really so inspiring to read about someone who takes bullying seriously. i was bullied from kindergarten through high school, and this post really hits home for me. i wish i would have had someone like you that i could count on. please continue to keep us updated. i hope for the best!
  16. ToxicShock

    Discouraged about school

    There was recently a post on AN about this, and they said Toledo is even worse.