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Hello. I have one degree in Broadcasting and Biology and now, just got my RN degree. I have two degrees.

I have been offered a PRN job in a Pediatrics docs. office. I was just offered a job today in my previous field, doing PR and advertising for a health related magazine. So I have two job offers. I will probably get a job offer also in a med/surg unit at a large hospital... will hear about that on Monday.

I REALLY want to do the PRN nurse job in the docs. office and the PR job for the health magazine.

Here is my question... say I do the PR magazine job and the PRN in the docs. office; if say in two years I want to go back into 'hospital' nursing, will I find it difficult to get back in?? I will have had NO hospital experience- just the PRN docs. job.

Should I forgo the PRN job and PR job and just do the med/surg one?? I don't want to get burned. :uhoh3: What do you think?? The PR job I can do out of my home with bascially my own schedule and hours. It also pays more then the hospital job. I just don't want to get burned later on by giving up the hospital job- losing skills and so forth, and not being marketable.

Advice is appreciated!! :bow: :nurse:


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I think you need to get into a hospital if you can to gain that experience. It doesn't have to be med surg but it need to be clinical based. I think the other jobs will be a disadvatage later on down the line. BUT if the hospital will not hire you take the PRN job and magazine job. Some expereince is better than none.


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What goal do you have for next years? Take the ways to send you to your goal!

I am sure that you will choose wise!

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I would actually suggest the hospital job also. You will use your skills and be able to move around to different specialties.

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Perhaps you can do the PR/Health magazine job since it you can schedule your own hours, and do medical-surgical part time? You may have a problem returning to bedside nursing if you choose to do so later and lack any experience.

I worked bedside nursing for 4 years, then took on an office job for almost 2 years (no qualms about hiring a non-office RN, and I learn quickly), and then went back to bedside nursing without issue since I already had bedside nursing experience.

That's awesome you have these choices! Best of luck!

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I would do what you think will make you the happiest.

You may find the PRN job at the peds office is awesome and maybe you can do PR as well for the magazine! Sounds like a dream set up to me.

If eventually you want to get into bedside nursing, just be prepared to float with the new kids for awhile until you get your feet wet in a very different specialty from the ones you are currently considering.

HOWEVER, bedside nursing does offer an amazing perspective on health care, patient care and profession, so that is always something to consider.

Best of luck! Sounds like you have many great opportunities ahead of you!



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THANK YOU for all the great advice.

I think someone above mentioned a VERY GOOD point-- Where do I want to be in several years?? Ultimately, I want to work as an advocate for those who are underserved or at a disadvantage. I want to work on Capital Hill, or in my state government (I already have some ties there). I want to be a voice for those who have none. I have an extensive background in communications, broadcasting, writing, and public relations. In-fact, with the health magazine, the president of the co. wants me to write a column featuring a 'hero' patient of the month... the pres. is also interested in starting a local TV program geared towards the magazine's patient population. Where do I see myself?? I DO NOT see myself at bedside nursing. I just don't. Bedside nursing is great, don't get me wrong. But wiith my previous background, I think I can "stretch" and extend myself into other avenues that others perhaps cannot. I have also considered legal nursing too with my background (again outreach and communications).

I have always liked Trauma and Cardiac Medicine and those are two areas of clincial nursing I would want to explore further. So either using my skills in government for advocacy OR working in Cardiac nursing. Like I said, I just don't want to shut the door on the clinical side, but I guess I have to follow my heart and use the gifted skills the Lord has given me. I just feel I have talents that could really reach a lot of people and I feel I need to use them. I will pray on this.

Thanks to all for the advice!!! :nurse: :heartbeat :nuke:

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If you don't see yourself in bedside nursing than I probably wouldn't bother with the med-surg job (although it would give you great perspective for the other things you want to do). The PRN peds job and the PR job both sound better than bedside nursing to me. I've only been a nurse for 3 years (working at the bedside) and I spend enormous amounts of my time trying to figure out how to get away from the bedside at least part-time.


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A few years of bedside nursing while keeping your toe in the other pool would be an invaluable experience. You would be a much better advocate with practical experience as opposed to "book" learning. There is so much that the powers that be do not understand about the world of bedside nursing. You could get a true picture and then be a much more knowledgable voice for change.

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