Which drug names does the NCLEX use?


My review book (incredibly easy) uses both brand and generic - can anyone tell me for sure whether the NCLEX uses both or generic or brand or ???


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When I took the test, the questions that I got had the brand name like digoxin, Prilosec etc.........I will be curious to see what everyone else posts.

Good luck studying

suzanne4, RN

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I would know both as many facilities are now trying to go to strictly generic when ordering.


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both were on my exam

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I also had only brand names on my exam......I had not thought about it until you mentioned it though. I was told during review to expect both...... :rolleyes:

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I was told in Kaplan that they have both. The generic is in parentheses behind the brand name. I've noticed it in a lot of my practice questions too, but for the more common ones like digoxin, etc., they just have the one name. Hope that helps!

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