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I will be taking the Net this year! Hopefully Good Luck

With God All things are possible! 4_1_72.gif


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I have the NET study guide and the Barrons review guide. I read them both once and honestly if you are already in College and did well in English Comp. and Literature you don't need the books. For the math part it is basic multiplications, fractions, percents, and simple algebra (solve for x, or maybe root/square questions). If you need to review on these then go to your local community college's testing center. They have review papers on math, that you can get (like worksheets from middle school). You go over them in a week guaranteed you will know what you need to know to cover the math in the NET, they even have some for reading and paragraph comprehension. Its cheaper then paying for $30 for a book. It's free in fact and you actually LEARN how to do the work instead of finding the easier way around it. Just my .02 cents. :)

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I plan to take this one and have been reading the various posts and here's my "take" on it - the material itself won't be too difficult but you need to be mentally prepared and understand how to take this kind of test. For what it's worth here's the short version of how I approach these. And, I have to tell you I'm pretty good at this type of test (not that I'm all that smart - just good at test taking!)

1) Answer only one question at a time. Sounds goofy but, don't think about the question you just answered or look at the question coming up.

2) Don't read anything into the question. Back to number one but just answer question 23, put it COMPLETELY out of your mind, take a deep breath and read 24 calmly, answer it and repeat.

3) If you are unsure about the answer or feel you'll need to really think about it a while just pick the answer you feel best about. You can always come back to it (assuming it's on paper and not on a computer). I'd rather answer all of them and take my chances that some are wrong than to answer 1/2 absolutely right and leave the other 1/2 blank!

4) Along the same lines as number 2... not only don't read anything into the question but make sure you've read the whole question and not what you think is the question. Take your time but be like a machine. Just nail one at a time.

5) Make sure you're putting the answer to question number 183 on the answer line to 183. I'm famous for this one! Panic time when you realize that somewhere back there you skipped a question!!

6) Never ever look at the clock. It doesn't matter how much time you have left. If you get into that groove and start knocking the questions down with a clear mind you'll more than likely finish up early on the test.

7) Of course, they give you some tips like wear comfortable clothes, go to the bathroom before you start, eat a good breakfast. Do all those things.

8) Stay calm. It's a Zen sort of thing. If you know the answer you KNOW it. Don't defeat yourself on this thing.

Guess that's about it. I know none of this is rocket science but, if you're like me, it helps sometimes just to hear it.

Good luck to all of us!!



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one more tip, dress in layers. when I took my test, the room was unbearable hot and they didn't let us have a bathroom break AT ALL! also, the reading comprehension part was kind of tricky, because, depending on the question, there could be more than one right answer, but you had to choose the best answer. I always sucked at those. The review book by ERIworld is really good at preparing you for this.



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I found out today my test date is in two weeks, so I don't have time to ordr from http://www.eriworld.com, because it don't offer express delivery, i need it real soon so i ordered these two book, Barron book and Pre-Nursing Reviews in Arithmetic. It really the math i need to practice, i figure the math book come in handy during school too. Wish me luck, I know i am def in at the tech, but i really want to get in this private school ran by the hospital, they told me i was in advance standing , so I am feeling good, i just need to take the NET, by the way is there science on the NET?


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nope no science.

it's math, reading rate, reading comprehension, and then several sections that test things like how you learn best (social, solitary, auditory, etc), what major stresses you have in your life, how you interact socially and your test taking skills. these last sections are really just for advising purposes. the scores that really matter are the math skills and reading comprehension. Good luck!


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