Where do you look for malpractice insurance

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Can anyone tell me where you find information about purchasing ? And is one insurance company better than another? Who are you insured with?

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Check out http://www.nso.com/ . They're a well known company.


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I choose NSO as well. We were talking about this the other day at work, and it really surprised me that most of whom I work with do not have coverage..most told me they did not want to jinx themselves. Most thought it would cost and arm and a leg but it is only $100 per yr with NSO. Now, everyone is freaking out because a woman in the hospital is suing and since we took care of her, we are gonna be sitting a t deposition for sure.... NSO helps with the expenses of that.


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Also advise http://www.nso.com. Look at the legal cases they summarize on there. Interesting and worth a trip to the website just for that. :typing


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Thank You for the replies. I will check this out for sure. Our school instructors highly recommended us to get insurance before we start working.

Yup. Don't leave home without it.

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