Where is everyone ?!

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where are all the school nurses ??? :idea: well where ever you are i hope you are having a relaxing summer so far. i miss all of you and wish you luck in the next school year ! so let me know what you all are up to this summer.

[color=#00bfff]i'm 3 weeks away from pinning so unfortunately i've been spending my whole summer in nursing school and clinicals(which i do love). well keep me posted !


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A lot of us were at the National Association of School Nurses Conference last week weds - Sunday in Boston. It was a blast!!! Great information, great fun, good networking.

Next year - Chicago at the Marriott on Michigan Avenue!!!!!


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here i am nursingstudent 19 ! good hearing from you ! i have been off for 3 weeks and loving every minute of it. getting some rest, mixed in with getting some "spring cleaning" also. i sure hope you have not been working yourself to death ! you have a wedding coming up...right ?!

early congrats on your graduation from nursing school. we are very proud of you

let's keep in touch and maybe we will hear from the other school nurse's too !

best wishes to you my friend !

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Save the dates for next year's NASN annual conference - don't forget preconference the day or 2 days before, and that Taste of Chicago is over the 4th of July - plan to stay.

2010 - Chicago (June 30 - July 3)

Chicago is a major city on Lake Michigan - sand beaches just blocks away, Navy Pier, the Zoo, theatre, the Cubs and the White Sox, shopping and museums galore. The conference hotel is the Michigan Avenue Marriott, right on the Magnificent Mile. I live here and I cannot think of a better summer city. It would be a great conference to bring the entire family!

2011 - Washington, DC

2012 - San Francisco

2013 - Orlando

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Looks like you all are off to a great start. Yes Praiser ! i'll be getting married in exactly one month and can't wait. Its been hard trying to balance planning and a wedding at the same time but its all coming together !!! The good news is that I haven't been working so I have had time to get plenty of rest between studying.

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Good to hear from you Nursing Student. You'll have to change your screen name soon!!! I've been volunteering at church camp for a couple weeks, taking an on line class and trying to get my house in order. Lots to do!! Hope to hear how your graduation and wedding go! Blessings to you.:heartbeat


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The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) is now accepting Abstract Submissions for the NASN 42nd Annual Conference -- Voice, Vision, Visibility: Charting the Course for a Healthy Future to be held in Chicago, Illinois, from June 30th through July 3, 2010. Preconference is June 29, 2010.

Deadline for Oral Presentation submissions is September 4, 2009.

Visit NASN online at http://nasn.networkats.com/members_online/submissions/substart.asp

NASN 42nd Annual Conference

Voice, Vision, Visibility: Charting the Course for a Healthy Future --

Chicago, IL

June 30- July 3, 2010

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I'm back at school after taking the whole summer off and doing NOTHING!!!! :) School starts Monday and today is my first workday this week, so I have a ton to do! Hope everyone is well and I'll "see" you soon.


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I'm still alive - barely! I too took all summer off doing nothing nurse related, LOL! Now I am back and running my tail off at work. No time for much posting right now, but wanted to check in and say hi to all my school nurse buddies...I am thinking of you all! Hopefully things will settle in and I can get back to posting every now and then. Hope everyone is having a good start to the year.

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good hearing from you purple ! have a great school year !

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Hope everyone have a smooth school year !

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hope everyone have a smooth school year !

thanks nursing student19 ! how is the job search coming along ? sure miss you on this school nurse's site ! hang in there !

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