Where can I take a Critical Thinking course asap?


Hi all,

I need to take a Critical Thinking course to be finished before March of next year. Most colleges have this course ending by June or May. Are there any on-line critical thinking courses where I can finish pronto? Thanks!

I didn't even know there was such a thing as a course on this topic! Good luck finding one!


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Yep, you betcha. The CSU's in California require this class. And unfortunately, one of the schools I'm looking forward to requires that this class be finished by March of next year.


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Miami dade community college offers this class online. It starts January and ends April 29, 2011. You can go on the website www.mdc.edu and click on current students. After that click on search for classes. Choose Term 2011-2 Spring. Under campus click virtual college (online courses). Click all times. And then type in PHI2604 for Course ID. This courseID is for Critical thinking and Ethics. The click search for classes. It will show you a list of classes they are offering online. The cost of the class for in-state tuition is about $400 not including a book if you need it. Out of state tuition is a little higher.

Hope this helps!!!


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I'll be needing this class by March. :( Thanks anyways!


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(I had my dates messed up and I can't delete this post.)


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Clackamas Community College (Oregon) has a course starting in Jan, done by March. All on line. You may be able to get in state tuition for certain counties in CA, ID, NV, or WA.


Good luck, HTH.

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All of the Oregon community colleges are on a quarter system. Winter term starts the beginning of January and ends the middle of March. We are required to take Critical Thinking to graduate. It's Reading 120 at my school. The class focuses on critical reading skills. Good luck. Check this list of Oregon CCs to see which other ones have an online CT class. Oregon State Board of Nursing Oregon Nursing Education Programs

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I took a critical thinking class about 15 years ago.. I haven't seen it offered since.


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Wow, Oregon sounds great! Do Oregon CC's have in-state tuition for CA residents as well or is it Clackamas only?