When the nursing student gets sick...


So....I'm sick. Not your typical "oh, I'm a little stuffy, little cough, feel like crud, just need to sleep sick." This is your "My sinuses feel like I've had nasal surgery with extra packing, If I blew my nose outside I think my snotball would go into orbit, I'm coughing up stuff that has NO business being in my lungs, etc."

I've already called off for tonight, and hoping that I don't need to again tomorrow. I could really use a decent paycheck for a change.

So, what do I do? Well, so far nothing, but if I get the energy back, I'm going to spend my sick day writing presentation summaries, finding articles to write summaries for, and read chapters in my med-surg book.

I've got ice cream(not nutritious, but tastes good on a sore throat.), soup, noodles, and a PB sandwich planned for dinner. Planning on sitting in the shower for 20-30 mins later to break up the congestion. Drinking water continousely, to thin out said congestion....and hoping I don't have to answer the phone tonight as "I canot snd rite...tink I'm gona heck upp a lug.."

nite all....at 3:15PM....


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Yikes. I just wanted to tell you that I hope you feel better soon! And I wanted to add not to send any goobers orbiting this way :) lol.

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And I thought the lunar eclipse last night was a natural phenomenon. Now that I know it was just your snot in orbit, I'm not nearly so impressed!

Get well soon.


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Taketwo...that was hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh!

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I had this last weekend. Woke up with it on Friday, called in for class and stayed inside, in bed until Monday morning. I can so relate to the sinuses, that was the worst pain I have ever felt in my face, horrible!! I have no idea what I had but it lasted 3 days. I slept most of the weekend away, it was the only time I wasn't in pain b/c I took Nyquil. I was so sick it hurt to blink my eyes and walking was not an option, my body hurt so bad that even the water from the shower hurt. I just hope I dont get whatever I had back, I dont wish that on anyone.

Get well soon!!

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I'm hoping you're feeling better. The hot steam from the shower should be helpful. And chicken soup. I swear by it.

Get well.

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