When does the fall semester start for you?

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Mine starts August 27. I am so nervous and excited. I am going to finally go register this week. I have two prereqs left everything else looks like it transfered. As soon as I get those done I will apply to the nursing program.


I start Aug. 20th and am down to my final 2 semesters!

I am also anxious and hoping that these final semesters while I know will be hard, will be unlike the last 2.

I registered during the spring semester, we only had 2 choices, Advanced Med/Sug the first 8 weeks and Psyc the 2nd or the other way around..not a lot of choice. They are both team taught so no choice in instructor either.

Best wishes to all those starting this fall!


We start on Aug 15th. I am so excited, I can't wait.:eek:

We have three days of orientation starting the 21st. Classes begin the 24th. My roommate who is a third year med student starts tomorrow.

I have all but 2 of my books and I will get my student ID made the 20th. I trying to enjoy what's left of my free time.

We also start August 27. I'm so excited! I only have one year left, and this semester we're doing OB and Pedi. It's going to be great (except I'll probably be complaining about how hard it is in just a couple of short weeks...lol)

I will beginning an ADN nursing program on Aug 20. I will be attending orientation on Aug 15. I am very excited and nervous to be entering the program. I have read several post that stated the program is one of the hardest things to do in life. I am curious what do is the hard part? Is it the time reading or clinical time?


Brown Suga:)

I don't start until September 17. My summer session isn't even over until August 17! :rolleyes:

I'm so excited for all of you starting in the next few weeks!


Our summer session finishes up this Friday (August 10) and we start fall semester on September 4th. I really need this 3 weeks off...I'm going to sleep right through it!!

The fall semester for me starts on August 20th-one week. I am looking forward to it simply because the sooner it starts the quicker it will be over with.:)

school starts for me in the 27th... Its finally my last year! Nine more months, and Ill have my BSN, and work my way through Med School or my CRNA. Cant wait!

But the best thing??? I never have to take another French class as long as I live! 4 semesters of French, DONE!

I am so excited to start school. This summer has been a long one! We start on September 4th.

I only have to take A&P this semester and then in February I am applying for the ADN program here. Any suggestions to make this class any easier? I'm a little nervous about it. I am also taking my NLN exam in two and half months. Any of you newbies who just took the exam have any tips for me? The better our score, the more points we get for our application.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks...you're awesome!

Karen :D

Classes start back Aug. 27th. I'm so ready for it to get here (sick, I know!). I didn't take a class in Summer II so I've been bored and feeling guilty, so I'm ready to get back into things. This is my last semester of prereq's. I just dropped $350 :eek: at the bookstore today and I still have one more $100 book to buy. Thank God for financial aid, or I'd be having a huge $$-related anxiety attack right now :) !

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