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What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

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Wow... I did the same thing... reading this right before bed. I have a few stories to share myself. I just started at the hospital in town, so I don't have any from there. I did, however, work at an Independent Living/Assisted Living facility for almost 4 years, and in almost every department, save for nursing and housekeeping. Anyway, this past fall semester, I was working security. My general duties, included answering phones, helping residents, making exterior rounds, shoveling snow(I swear we had one of the snowiest wintersI can remember when I worked this position), and locking up the building at 2100. On one such night, I had just finished locking up the building. I let myself back into the office to record the temps from the coolers in the kitchen and such. As I'm writing, out of the corner of my eye, I see a man, who I thought lived at the East End of the building. He doesn't move too quickly, but not overly slow. Needless to say, if I wanted to I could have caught him going down either hall quite easilly. As soon as I saw the man, I put down my pen and went right out into the hall. Nobody in the east end, nobody on the west end, and nobody on the mezzanine. The only way he could have gotten away is if he ran... that's how quickly I dropped my pen and investigated. I was eagerly anticipating the night janitor clocking on... In another occurance, I had finished up rounds, I'd say it was about 2145, I settled in with one of my text books at the front desk to study some material from my nursing theory lecture. I didn't see any movement out of the corner of my eyes, but I heard the DISTINCT sound of one of those aluminum(I dunno what material, but the little silver ones) going over tile. the only tile in the WHOLE building is right in the front lobby, and in the kitchen. Nobody was around... again, I was eagerly anticipating the night janitor coming on, so I could clock out and get the heck outta there.

I've heard some firsthand accounts from several of my friends from the kitchen, where, oddly enough, I began and ended my employment. Anyway, we had a cook who pretty consistently came in hungover for the saturday morning shift. This was a problem in and of itself, and it has/still does happen to several of our "early morning" cooks. "Chucky" would put the large mixing bowl for eggs, or whatever, on the large stainless steel counter, and go back into the walk in cooler to get whatever neccessary ingredients he needed. He would come back out and the bowl would be spinning down the counter. Several other cooks have told me about how they'll be prepping stuff for lunch and dinner and various items for meals throughout the week, we have a large rack that holds all of our chafing dishes, lids, and on the side we hang all of our ladels... Well, one by one, the ladels come off, as if flicked by somebody. One of the cooks, who I love dearly gave me this advice, should I encounter this spirit myself(I often worked early on the weekends)Just put a cup of regular coffee out in the serving area, and it will stop. Apparently there was a little old man who would throw things until the early morning cook, or server, would get him his coffee. It's a good thing to know that there are things you can do to quell odd goings on!

Hi everyone

Where to start? Well I work for a city hosptial in New York as an LPN. I have just about as many ghostly patients as I do living. It's true the ghostly ones don't ask for much but they tend to scare my co-workers.

I think my favorite two are the Walker and the Watcher.(these are nick names I've given them.) :uhoh21:

The walker is a woman who comes down the hall nightly. She's pushing or pulling an IV pole because I can hear the wheels squeak as she makes her way down the hall. ( this usually happens when I'm alone. Go figure) If I look right at her I can't see her but if I look with the corner of my eye I can just make her out. She's wearing a house gown, not hospital gown.

Now just in front of the Nurse's station is a large pillar. My ghostly visitor walks to the pillar and disappears behind it.

My other ghostly client is the Watcher. This one is a middle age gentlemen. He looks hispanic and has a small mustashe. He is dressed in a hospital gown and I usually see him in room two, but only is its unoccupied. This rrom is located right next to the nurses station. Most of the time he just stands by the doorway watching the nurses. Some of my co-workers have seen him and are scared, but I tell them he can't hurt them. :chuckle


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My Grandma (Meme) was living with us after a stroke and was bed bound and only wore night ware for about 9 months. After she died, the same day I was putting my Three year old to bed, and I was justing saying night night to him when he said "Meme (Grandma) is with the Angels now and she is dressed and stood over there."

This freaked me out cos for nine months he has only seen her laying in bed. :stone

SueH said:
There are a couple of excellent books, "Life After Death" and "Life After Death Revisited." They have been out for a while so may need to be ordered but last time I looked were readily available on Amazon.com. I can't remember the author's name but he was originally an unbeliever and set out to disprove the stories of after death experiences. There are som absolutely fascinating stories in the two books and the author outlines the similarities present in most of these occurrences.

Hey! Thanks for the introduction to a new (to me) site to get cheap books! I ordered both of these and 4 others for a little over $20! Love this forum!

My friend an RT told me she had this room her and another RT would rest during their break late at night.. The male RT, Donald, was sitting across a table from her with his head resting on his folded arm leaning on the table and facing the door. The room was pretty dark and my friend Karen was reading when she noticed a mist forming by the door. Before she could react the mist formed into a figure of a nurse or nun looking person in white with a long shawl over her head. The apparition stood inside the room just looking at Karen and smiling. Karen noticed she ended at the waist, no legs or pelvis was visible. Karen was terrified and in a soft voice she called out to the other RT, "Donald?" and a little louder she called to wake him again, "Donald?".

With out lifting his head he spoke up" I see her too Karen."

The ghost faded away after a few moments and both agreed on what they had seen.

I think it is when the administration thinks I am invisible. No recognition... and no thank yu ....but definitey get you for all those bad things...med errors, your actions, (when you meant to do the right thing) totally misunderstood

Chad_KY_SRNA said:
The best I have heard is from a nurse who said that one night she was floated to oncology at the hospital she used to work at. She was given a patient who was passing away and had been unconscious for several days. At one point during the night the nurse went into the room and the patient was at the top of the bed and looked at her and said, "don't let them take me!", the nurse was freaked out and asked her who was going to take her and she said that black thing up there and pointed up in the air. This patient died within minutes.

Come on now share your stories, I know you have seen and heard freaky things.

Love these stories..I have a few to share.

I'm doing my final consolidation in a psych hosp, and most nurses on the floor have at least one story that leads them to believe the floor we work on is haunted.

Once, two nurses were on either end of the ward, trying to close windows...They'd close one, go to the next, close it, and the first windows would open again by itself. Finally, they both ran out of the rooms they were in, only to discover the other nurse doing the same.

Two nurses have had their hair flipped when no one was around, when they were sitting seclusion.

One nurse once felt something wet drip onto her hand when sitting seclusion. She looked, was something red, she wiped it off. Looked up, nothing on ceiling..That was it

A nurse (one of the one's the window thing happened to, and had her hair flipped) was doing rounds at the beginning of the shift. The shower room door was closed, but she heard shower running. She went, asked coworkers who was in shower..No one knew, didn't think anyone was. So she went to shower room, went to open door..It was locked, she could still hear shower going. She freaked a bit, thinking pt had been locked in. Unlocked door, opened it..And the shower stopped.

Same nurse, was sitting seclusion, could hear the door handle of the locked solarium rattling like someone was trying to open it..Is a lever type handle, the sound was it going up and down over and over. In the morning, she went in there, she had opened the window of the staff smoking room in there to air it outm, she thought maybe the wind had done it. The window was closed when she checked. No one had closed it.

Last night, same nurse and another went down to solarium, passed my male bathroom. No one in there, all pts were in bed. They got their smokes from the solarium, no more than 10, 15 secs later, walked back past male bathroom, tap was running. She had earlier turned off same tap, thinking someone had left it running.

Same nurse was once doing rounds, heard someone whisper loudly "Fire!" in her ear. No one around.

Last night, another nurse was in staff room alone, heard very distinct 'click click' coming from the bathroom..Few mins later, when she told us, another nurse was testing out sounds, trying to figure out what it was. The nurse who heard it said it sounded most like the door handle going up and down.

That's all I can think of for now...I work again tonight, so if I get more, I'll let you all know.

Lavslady said:
Hey! Thanks for the introduction to a new (to me) site to get cheap books! I ordered both of these and 4 others for a little over $20! Love this forum!

who is the author? Can't find them. thanks

Thank you all !

I love these stories !!!! Some of them are really eerie ! This is one of the most interesting threads that I have read. I've added it to my aol favs file.

I believe that there are benevolent (kindred) spirits and menevolent (evil) spirits, and that the kindred ones are seen as "light" and the evil ones as "dark". I am not a religious person, have not attended church in years.

However, I am a spiritual person. The soul cannot be extinguised by mortal death of the body. It is eternal !

Please keep the stories coming folks. I have just read the last one.

kbclary4 said:
I am so easily scared, I would leave and never come back. Seriously. I am actually getting uneasy being in my apt. alone and reading this stuff. I really would have to quit my job if I saw anything like that or have someone go with me everywhere I went. My husband and I were watching The Shining the other night (I had never seen it) and I made him get up and go to the bathroom with me and I wouldn't let him go anywhere unless I followed him because I didn't want to be left alone. He was so aggravated, but I really scare easily.

OMG, me too. Last night after reading only 3 pages I didnt go to sleep until my husband came home (he comes out of work at 3am!) I had the TV and lights on, I get scared very easily but I love scary stories/movies even though I can't sleep after ward, sometimes I think its a mental illness :chuckle I wish I can enjoy a scary story/movie without having this problem. sorry if I got off topic.


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SueH said:
There are a couple of excellent books, "Life After Death" and "Life After Death Revisited." They have been out for a while so may need to be ordered but last time I looked were readily available on Amazon.com. I can't remember the author's name but he was originally an unbeliever and set out to disprove the stories of after death experiences. There are som absolutely fascinating stories in the two books and the author outlines the similarities present in most of these occurrences.

Thanks, I have read alot of these kinds of books. Still leave me with questions...

I have an errie/funny story to tell. I worked graveyards at the hospital which is very old. My friend and I were on telemetry and we were talking about how the rooms closest to the nurses station are always haunted. The tv's come on (repeatedly after I manually shut them off), the call light goes off, etc. My friend said that she's scared to empty pts. foley's at 0400 because she once saw a dark shadow in the shower (the pt. bathrooms are private) and is scared it would jump out at her....well, a few weeks later I was doing my I+O's and I had the north end of the hall so I went down the row emptying foley's and refilling water. It was really dark in room 23 and I snuck into the bathroom to see if the hat had been filled. I saw a dark shadow in the shower and I could hear it moving! AHHHHHHHH! I flipped around and ran smack into the nurse on my way out. Turns out it was his shadow casting off the hall lights onto the shower door. The patient was already awake (thankfully) and thought it was hilarious..... :rotfl: I guess that's what you get for letting your mind play tricks on you.... :p



Thank you for sharing that information. Many titles come up when I typed in "Life After Death" at the half.com site. I did not realize that there were so many books on the subject.


The shadow in your story could be explained. That is not always the case.

I"m sure that many who have experienced "eerie" events have ruled out practical or rational explanations before passing on their story to be scrutinzed by the skeptical readers.

The human body is made of electrical activity. Electrical activity = Life. Energy can never be destroyed only converted. When someone does something enough times or their life ends with trauma or dramatically, it leaves an impression on the atmosphere where it happened. People who are sensitive to this energy can sense or detect that energy. The more sensitive they are the more they sense, feel, or see. I've always been very sensitive to these energies and even when my grandmother died and came to me in my bedroom to tell me to take care of my mom just before the phone rang I tried to convince myself I was dreaming. So I guess that is my explanation as to things I have seen, felt experienced over the years and what others saw and told.

The first place I workd as an aide had been the county "poor house" so a couple hundred years of living and dying happened there. The old home is now the historical society and is open to the public. There is one building that has the name of the assylum. Our county disaster services agency had stuff stored there and I belonged to that unit. I hated going in there anywhere near dark because you could feel the confusion, hate, anger and even in the light you can SEE shadows of things that aren't there. The "new home" was built and all were moved just down the road back in 1976. I started working there as an aide when I turned 18 and even though I've left there several times I still work there as the Restorative RN now. When I first worked there; There was a LPN (grandfathered from an aide, yes they did that not so long ago.) that had the best stories. Some of the things she said would curl your hair. But I always thought they were just that. stories! Boy was I wrong. Even though the home was newly built and on farmland all of the residents and I think probably some of the energy moved with them. The wierdest things happened. One night I was working on one section and one of our residents died. A friend and I were cleaning him up to prepare him for the funeral home and the light above the sink started turning itself off and on. Not only did the light turn off and on but the switch moved. Man did I get out of that room as fast as I could. Another nite I was on the other end and we had 3 gentlemen in the ward that had lost their legs and minds to untreated syphilis. Now note I said there minds were lost. A few rooms down a woman that we were expecting to die did so. At that very minute one of the men in the ward sat up starting talking perfect sense asked some questions and went back to sleep. Also the couple acrossed the hall had a clock radio that the alarm no long worked in but they always still listened to the radio. That same time that alarm went off and stayed on till we went to check Olive and found that she had passed. Those were the mild stories. I don't know if I just wasn't as sensitive then or if I ignored a lot but it stayed about that mild.

My grandmother lived in one of the old mansion homes in the area. She could also tell you tales that would curl your hair but I always took it with a grain of salt. But I have to admit you sensed a lot just being in the home. I went to work there as an RN charge nurse just before they built a new home on the same ground and when it was done they tore down the old mansion home. Well believe me those energies moved into the new building quicker than we could. Call lights turning off and on, lights etc., even keys locking themselves in locked rooms etc. (The new home was equipped with surveilance cameras and that's how we found the keys.) Needless to say I started believing my grandmothers stories. There was a man in the old home that died before I worked there and after my grandmother died so I had never seen or heard of him before. I would see him EVERY nite walking down the hall from his room and when he'd cross the threshold to the dining room would step very high as if there were a large step there. It was driving me nuts so I finally asked some of the aides that had been there a long time and described him to them they said oh that just "flicky" he always did that. I sometimes believe they stayed there because they had no others in their lives. Most of them came from the state hospital that had closed and the staff was really their only family. There were several of them that I would see a lot doing just as they had done in life looking and acting in the same manner. Was it just energy or were we the only ones that were there for them in life so they stayed in death. :o


Your explanation is good, and seems to be one shared by noted parapsychologists.

I believe that I am sensitive also. I'm not sure that I"ve ever seen anything, but I seem to have really strong feelings before someone passes on. It happened with my step-grandmother, and just recently with the passing of my uncle. I will not go into detail here, because it is rather difficult to explain. I"m sure you understand.


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Working the 3-11 shift in a nursing home, I was doing my med pass when I was summoned by a CNA to a room. Upon entering, the CNA states, "I think she just died, while I was changing her!" I checked for breathin, circulation and the patient's orders. She was a DNR (Do Not Resucitate) then attempted to get a B/P. NOTHING..... so, I called to notify the Pt's son, who requested for Mom to be sent to the ER to be Pronounced, and they would go straight to the hospital. I contacted 911 (our protocol for transferring for pronouncal) and summoned the ambulance. Approximately 20 minutes passed before the ambulance arrived. The Paramedic and EMT followed thier protocol, and followed the same steps I had (breathing, circulation, and BP) and got NOTHING. By the time they loaded my patient, covered her, and set on the way to the hospital, 30-40 mins had passed. In transport to our local hospital the ambulance had to cross a Railroad track. When the ambulance crossed the tracks, the patient sat up, pulled the sheet from her head, and proceeded to point and shake her hand at the Paramedic screaming, "TAKE ME BACK, TAKE ME BACK RIGHT NOW! I MEAN IT, TAKE ME BACK RIGHT NOW!!!" The EMT driving pulled over to check out the commotion, the Paramedic exited the Ambulance and proceeded to Vomit. The paramedic then continued to the hospital, and phoned the nursing home to tell me what had happened. Approximately an hour later, the son phoned stating "I was SUPRISED to arrive at the ER and my mom GREET me! Did you perform CPR after talking to me, you know she was a DNR, right?" When the family was told of this incident, they simply said...."It just wasn't her time."

The only thing that I can come up with (even to this day) is......... the bumps caused by the railroad crossing, "jolted" her heart to start beating again!

Any other thoughts or ideas about this?????

BTW, the paramedic resigned when his shift was over the next morning!

We had a woman the the 3-11 RN sent for the funeral home 3 different times before she actually died and stayed that way. We'd get her over on the cot on the body bag and she'd start breathing. It got to be a big joke well is she really dead this time?????? They stayed quite a while the last time even after she was in the body bag "just in case".

The vitals were probably so low as to be not able to detct them. But it sure makes you wonder. :rolleyes: