Whats wrong with Ivy Tech nurses?

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Is it true that some nurses look done on nurses that have graduated from Ivy Tech. I am not just referring to the new graduates from Ivy Tech that the older or more "experienced" have feelings for. I heard some places where nurses would graduate from really nice school with good GPA's looking done on some of the nurses-not just from Ivy Tech but from the programs they've graduated from-such as from the community colleges.

I'm interested in hearing your responses to this thread. :)

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Maybe I had been fortunate to work with great nurses, but I had never encouter such an experience (which, quite frankly seem a little bit immature). A nurse is a nurse, no matter where she/he graduate...period.

I have no idea where most of my co-workers graduated from???

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I graduated from Ivy Tech, Fort Wayne in December 2006 through their LPN program. I passed my boards on the first try in Spring of 2007. I had a wonderful experience with my education and clinical experience through Ivy Tech.

I think you get out of the nursing school experience what you put into it. Are you willing to work hard? Ask extra questions? Look for opportunities to observe and/or participate in procedures?

I've since gone on to complete my RN, and am now continuing on for my BSN/MSN. I rely on the skills and knowledge that I gained at Ivy Tech every shift I work.

I've not heard of anything wrong with Ivy Tech Nurses. Just the opposite. :nurse:

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I really don't think that it matters.

It should not make a difference... Every graduate nurse must pass the NCLEX exam. If one applies to a Hospital that requires a "screening-knowledge-based" test, then the score one receives is what matters. I do not agree that a "nurse is a Nurse, is a Nurse." There are good, competent nurses, and bad ones...and you know exactly what is meant by that! I have seen it, and you certainly have seen it too, unless you are complete brainless!

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