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Originally posted by Furball:

I know this response isn't going to be helpful but it is honest. When you are a nurse and you arrive for work...imagine being instantly sucked up into a tornado and twirled about, nonstop, for 12 hours and then spit out 1 hour late after your shift ends. It's alot like that.

:roll :chuckle :rotfl:

You nailed it, Furball, and you also described my last two evenings of work from which I am now recuperating... :stone :D


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I may be an opptimist or it could be that I am a new grad, but I really don't think nursing is all that bad. Yes, you get "sucked into a tornado." Yes, the work is long and tedious. Yes, working past quiting time is definitely a buzz kill. :( HOWEVER, think about all of the people you get to help throughout your shift. Think about the difference you make in just one person's life. Think about how rewarding it is when you've done a job well done and the patient and family is beyond grateful. ;) Though these times may seem few and far between, they are what keep me going everyday.

How many people can say they get to help save or maintain lives everyday???

When I was a student nurse, I had a patient once who was having a terrible time adjusting to being in a hospital. Since I had time to spend with her I sat and LISTENED to her. I just thought I was practicing my communication skills we had learned just a few weeks earlier. Then she said something I will never forget, "I didn't know til now what they meant by 'Nurses are angels in disguse.'" Then she smiled at me as if to say, "Yes, I mean you!"

I will never forget that, and when I have a bad day I think of her smile.

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If you've always wanted to do it and it is in your bones, GO FOR IT !! Every profession has it's ups and downs. The difference with this one is that it isn't just a profession........it's a calling. Follow your heart. It will bring you much joy and much sadness at times. There isn't another profession that does what we do, while we do things from lots of other professions. It's a lot of responsibility, but you can handle it. You constantly learn and make the necessary adjustments. You'll never be bored, and will always be assured of a job. You'll recieve a pay check.........but a lot of what we do, well, you just can't put a price on that, as well as what we recieve back from our patients.


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i just wanted to wish you the best!


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If you want honesty, then I'll tell you my opinion. First of all, I do love pt care which is why i stay. It can be rewarding at times, that much is true. BUT I personally would not rec. this profession to anyone anymore. It is high stress, esp in the ICU environment. Someone's life is in your hands. The responsibility we have is enormous, contrary to what people think. The pay is probably the worst I have ever heard for a college educated professional. Sure the starting pay is just OKAY, but then you are never rewarded for your experience. That is the problem. And get ready for an envoirnment where management only cares if they are staffed, not about you. I am 7 months pregnant and didn't even get a break today and nobody asked or cared. Actually I didn't even sit my entire shift. No lunch, no break.....I am truly exhausted. The charge RN knew I never ate but didn't care. I am really sorry to sound negative but I think there are better career options for people today than this. Low pay, great responsibility, hard work, and nurses do eat their young. On top of that, Gosh forbid you try to make a change in nursing. I tried in many ways. Everyone complains, for the MOST part, and rarely do you see ACTION. 2 million rn's in the US and our profession is in a terrible state. Yes, every job has its downside, but there is potential in so many other fields to make more money, have more respect and not have a life in your hands. Just tonight I wqs addressed as HEY NURSE LADY by a pt's family member. I find that so disrespectful. I hope you find happiness in whatever career you choose. I do love nursing but it is the pay and other factors that make it so hard to stay. PLease, just do some volunteer work in a nursing unit before you decide and get the REAL inside scoop.

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