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I'm a 17 year old student in my last year of high school in Australia. For most of my years at high school, nursing was probably the only career i had wanted to follow when i graduate. However, i want to be aware of the pros and cons of nursing. Can you guys describe (in detail) some of the duties that are involved with nursing?


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OHH my that is a TALL order. I recommend the "have you ever encouraged anyone to go into nursing" thread or something similar if you want the positives. If you want all the rest, all these threads will show you what nurses today think, feel and do. It is just toooooo much to detail it all HERE and each speciality is responsible for so many things. Good luck to you and Happy Reading!


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Whoa! LOADED question! By best advice? Hang out awhile. Meet some of our other young aspiring nurses. You'll see what it's all about better than anyone of us could put into words.



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Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

Whoa! LOADED question! By best advice? Hang out awhile. Meet some of our other young aspiring nurses. You'll see what it's all about better than anyone of us could put into words.



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Hello happystar, I'm in my final year of nursing at a uni in Melbourne, Australia. The biggest con I've found so far is getting up at 6 am!!! I'm not a morning person. As for other cons suf this site and read lots off the threads. All the nurses tell it like it is!

If you do decide to get into nursing shop around for a university course that suits you, they're all really different! Go to open days etc. and ask lots of questions. And last of all enjoy what ever you end up choosing to do! Good luck in your final year of high school!


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Nurse Kat, what uni do you go to? I'm still in the process of trying to find a suitable uni for nursing. Since you live in Melbourne, can you recommend the best uni for nursing?

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I go to Deakin, Melbourne. I'm biased but I love Deakin and I'm gonna miss it lots when I graduate! All the Melbourne courses have good reputations. La Trobe is known for being a hard course, but it's still good though!

If you live near one of the uni's I'd go there (Monash, DEAKIN or La Trobe). I don't know anything about the courses at VUT or any of the other TAFE/UNIs.

Over the last couple of years Deakin has been slightly easier to get into (lower ENTER) than Monash and La Trobe. Don't know about last year though. Wherever you go enjoy it, go to the balls etc. Uni is heaps of fun!!! I cant wait to come back and do a post grad degree in crit care!

Feel free to email me (iceka[email protected]) if you want any more goss, contacts or whatever!


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nurse kat, what do you mean by la trobe being a hard course? hard to get into or the work involved is hard and challenging?

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La Trobe has a reputation for being hard to pass. They have a lot more contact hours too. At Deakin you do three subjects a semester. One is a nursing subject that covers anatomy, chem, and everything that relates to our patient senarios, where from what I've heard La Trobe students have to take Anat and Phys, Chem, Bio, and other subjects as well as nursing. That's the rumors anyway. You'd have to check with them to be sure.


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I know this response isn't going to be helpful but it is honest. When you are a nurse and you arrive for work...imagine being instantly sucked up into a tornado and twirled about, nonstop, for 12 hours and then spit out 1 hour late after your shift ends. It's alot like that.


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"What's nursing like?"


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